Men of what occupation would you like to have a gocon (dating party) with? (Sample size=554, women)

Rank Score
1 Doctor 100
2 Lawyer 76.5
3 Celebrity 57.8
4 Pilot 54.8
5 Employee of largue manufacturer 52.4
6 Civil servant 44.6
7 IT-related 38.6
8 Musician 34.3
9 Travel-related 34.3
10= Voice actor 28.3
10= Cartoonist, illustrator, writer 28.3
10= University lecturer 28.3
13 Media-related 28.3
14 Advertisement-related 25.9
15 Author 23.5
16 Photographer 22.9
17 Hairdresser, barber 22.3
18= Artist 21.7
18= Venture capitalist 21.7
20 Model 20.5
21 Architect, estate agent 19.9
22 Politician 16.9
23 Financial-related 16.9
24 Clothing-related 16.3
25= Kindergarten teacher 15.7
25= Artisan, craftsman 15.7
27 Student from famous university 15.1
28= Teacher, cram school teacher 13.9
28= Consultant 13.9
30 Host 13.3

Women of what occupation would you like to have a gocon with? (Sample size=502, men)

Rank Score
1 Nurse 100
2 Stewardess 71.3
3 University student 69.5
4 Model 62.1
5 Kindergarten teacher 60.9
6 Celebrity 60.3
7 Employee of largue manufacturer 45.4
8 Secretary 44.8
9 Travel-related 32.8
10= Doctor 29.3
10= Voice actress 29.3
12 Bridal-related 24.7
13= Cartoonist, illustrator, writer 24.7
13= Teacher, cram school teacher 24.7
15 Social welfare-related 24.1
16 Hostess 22.4
17 Photographer 22.4
18 Clothing-related 21.3
19 IT-related 20.7
20= Musician 19.0
20= Artist 19.0
22 Advertising-related 15.5
23 Artisan, craftswoman 14.9
24= Lawyer 14.4
24= Venture capitalist 14.4
26= Consultant 13.8
26= Financial-related 13.8
28 Casual worker 13.2
29 Media-related 13.2
30 University lecturer 12.6

Source: What Japan Thinks

Looks like this survey reinforces the view that women want their men to have high-paying and stable jobs, and men want their women to be young, attractive, and nurturing… The professions that I have some preference for in a potential wife are physician, scientist, teacher, designer (very broad definition), artist, and writer. However, I think that it does not matter much what occupation your partner has ( with a few exceptions 😛 ) – personality is a more important factor.


15 thoughts on “Dating: Japanese Occupation Preferences

  1. That’s what I’m doing!

    I wonder if getting a PhD would qualify me as a doctor in the survey – or are they only looking for MDs? I also find it strange that men would prefer a kindergarten teacher to a university lecturer… but then, I know some very stunning elementary school teachers.

    1. As I mentioned before, Ph.D. is a “doctor, but the kind that does not help people” 😛 I am sure that PhDs would go under University Lecturer category. Kindergarten Teacher is there for the same reason the Nurse is: many men want to marry someone like their mother 😛 That’s ok, you should be still fine because most Japanese seem to be especially friendly to people from the US, according to the recent survey 🙂

  2. watashi no kare wa pilot! X YAY for pics of Alto-hime and Michel-kun.

    My job couldn’t be more different than hubby’s but I am very nurturing so I guess my job doesn’t really matter.

  3. oh. i can see their obsession with nurses. everywhere you can see them cosplaying it. i wonder if their err… partner preferences are largely influenced by anime as its a BIG BIG part of their culture. perhaps. i suppose japanese men prefer “kawaii” girls more than matured women (i would too if i were a man)

    but as for doctors being first on the list (of male partners) i don’t think there are many male doctor characters in animes. well the hottest that i can think of is takahashi ryosuke (initial d). i’ve been obsessed with him since the first episode

    1. Perhaps, a part of it is due to anime. However, there are many other cosplayers out there…

      I think you are right about the kawaii feature. I recall reading an article about what Japanese men prefer, and this was one of the statements: “Nothing is more exciting to a man than a woman who talks like a child and performs like a professional.” 😛

      I prefer women with mature character – age is of secondary importance.

      Probably, doctor is first on the list because it is a stable, relatively high-paying, and respected job. Also doctors are often perceived as smart and altruistic, which can’t be further from truth sometimes… Unfortunately, I have not seen Initial D. I am a fan of Dr. Tenma and Black Jack, as you can see from the pictures 🙂

    1. 😛

      Sometimes Ph.D.s do research that does not help anyone at all and take pride in it. Contributing to the body of knowledge is helpful nonetheless.

      Physicians can do other things besides one-on-one sessions though.

  4. There is no research which helps no one. All (successful) research, at the bare minimum, enriches the minds of those who come to understand it. Which PhD research would you consider to be worthless? While physicians can do things other that sessions, most do not. They are generally content to “cure” the worlds colds and collect their six-figure salaries.

    1. It will depend on the definition of “help” and “worth”. As I said, making contributions to the body of knowledge is good, but many successful research projects are worthless in a sense that the funding investment they receive for supposedly innovative and important work does not correspond to quality of the projects and the output they produce. People publish books, reviews, and articles based on research that they know is insubstantial and misleading. The public and even some peer scientist reviewers might see the work as groundbreaking, but, in fact, it is based on rotten foundation. I am not talking about data falsification – rather it is about people who pursue research that they know won’t lead to anywhere, but they do it anyway because it can be funded. As they say, “Some people move science forward, some backward, and some – to the side.”

  5. “People publish books, reviews, and articles based on research that they know is insubstantial and misleading.”

    And many doctors prescribe placebos. Which is also misleading and dangerous.

    You seem to be referencing a few scientists who would undertake criminal acts which clearly do not represent the majority of PhDs. I tried to show that it is easy to belittle a profession if you extrapolate the few to be the many. By the same logic, one could call you a murderer because somewhere out there is an anime blogger who killed someone. For that matter, they could call all anime fans murderers… and become the new head anchor at Fox.

    1. haha You twisted it too much 😛

      I quoted mother of Randy Pausch that he mentioned during his lecture, joking about the way she used to presented him as a doctor who does not help people. Obviously, researchers are useful for society and can help people, sometimes in larger magnitude that physicians.

      My point is that some researchers are not very helpful, softly saying. While I agree that they are not in the majority, the prevalence of such researchers is higher than you would expect, varies by area of research, and not obvious to the public. For example, I think that most people in education are conducting good research, but I never worked in the field. Once you get your PhD and some research experience, tell me how it is in education.

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