Xam’d: Lost Memories 12

Very emotional and beautiful episode…

“Fertilized by solitude, watered by tears of the moon, the night-blooming flower shines for eternity.”

Other Xamd Episodes

This episode, just like with many others, featured two themes: lost children and blooming flowers. We see many lost children and their parent figures. Akiyuki’s father and the officer he saved, sun and moon, Nakiami and the captain, Akiyuki and Tenshin-sama. The flowers start blooming: Haru starts training harder and Nakiami leaves the ship with Akiyuki. We also see the funeral of one such flower, as she now becomes the seed of life…

Both opening and ending sequences are excellent. Narration of the lecture about the nature of current enemies and the unfolding events fit together very well. The violation scene was very poignant. While what happened exactly is left to the mind of the viewer to determine, it is clear that the event affected Nakiami significantly.

The ending scene is very emotional. We see Furuichi opening up and telling Haru how he feels. I felt sorry for him, but I think that he’ll be back to his bitter self once he gets a little better. Haru was very nice and comforted him.

What we see in the ending scene is an excellent contrast to the opening lecture. While the lecturer is ready with his claws, teeth, ears, and hands to face the enemy, the Shinbudo is the opposite: “The most important thing is to face your opponent without hesitation, make their body a part of your own.”

I enjoyed the script in this episode. Somewhat surprising opening lecture and numerous metaphors added a nice touch to great art composition.


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