Kuroshitsuji 11

London Bridge Is falling down,
Falling down, Falling down.
London Bridge Is falling down,
My fair lady.

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25 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji – Episode 11

  1. OMG…this looks like a brill episode. Grell is in it and Pluto in a suit…haha. Who’s the puppet guy? What happen to Elizabeth? Sebastian’s in a bind. So many questions. I miss Kuroshitsuji since I’ve been on holiday. So, thanks for the screencaps that keeps me posted.

  2. OMG, Ciel sold Sebastian to Grell as love slave for one day!
    No wonder why Sebastian didn’t come to help the boy dealing with his ennemies, he sure must be pissed off…a bit. ^__^

  3. Now I’m singing that song all of the the time aaah xD
    We used to sind that at school all of the time when I was a kid.

    But this is getting interesting, can’t wait for next episode!

  4. Thanks to the ep I’m going to spend the rest of the evening humming London Bridge in my head lol
    As for the ep, this was a significant move away from the manga I suppose.
    But I must admit that I enjoyed it overall 😉

    1. Ayumikat,

      The puppet guy is a servant of yet unknown master who first appeared at the end of the previous episode. We know that this master likes to sit in a chair, has white uniform, and likes to sing 😛 Special attack of the puppet guy is the strings. The last screenshot is showing Sebastian bondage with those strings 😛

      It seems that they are turning pretty girls into dolls. Japanese have some kind of obsession with dolls in anime. Dolls play especially important role in another anime this season: Mōryō no Hako.

      I am glad you liked the screenshots 🙂

      – – –


      haha It was so evil of Ciel! 😛 Ciel hesitated because he hated Grell for what he did to Madam Red, but said that Elizabeth is more important to him at this moment. Ciel asked Grell to protect him in exchange for Sebastian! As you can see, Grell’s joy knew no limits, and his imagination run wild, evoking a possibility of a kiss with Sebby lol

      – – –


      Oh yeah, that song is very addicting 🙂 The next episode will be fun 🙂

      – – –


      Yup, once you hear that song, it is not easy for your mind to let it go 😛

      Yes, looks like they deviate significantly from manga, but it looks good so far 🙂

  5. Erk, I knew ep 5-6 wasn’t the last we’d see of Grell. Completely ecchi and much more annoying than Mr Undertaker will ever be. On the other hand, this looks like a fantastic ep. I am a little behind!

    On an unrelated note, I see that they managed to put Pluto in clothes…

    1. Grell is just fabulous! I find it interesting that he uses wa at the end of his sentences, a way only some Japanese women tend to talk 😛

      Yes, Pluto can run naked around the castle, but he should be in proper attire in the city 😛 The puppy has not transformed yet, although, his reaction to that cute dog was a close call 😛

  6. the screencaps seem really interesting i can’t wait to watch the subbed ver of this episode i hope the subbers will sub it asap! Oh and thanks for the screencaps =D

  7. i loved this episode 😀 does anyone know where i can download that ‘my fair lady’ song ^^ its more addicting in japanese then it is in english xD

  8. Does anyone know where I can find the japanese lyrics of that song (in latin letters or hiragana if possible)?

    Thanks in advance

  9. Londonばし おちる おちる おちる
    (London ba shi o chi ru o chi ru o chi ru)

    Londonばし おちる
    (London ba shi o chi ru)

    (sa, do shi ma shiyo)

    I think it’s like that. Not so sure tho. Tell mr if I’m wrong please, cause I wanna write thoe lyrics down and sing ’em! -DROCELL IS AWEEESOOOMMEEEE-

  10. 一. ロンドン橋落ちた
    ichi . rondon hashi ochi ta
    ochi ta , ochi ta
    rondon hashi ochi ta
    saadoushimashou(my fair lady)

    二. 木と泥で作れ
    ni . ki to doro de tsukure
    tsukure , tsukure
    ki to doro de tsukure
    saadoushimashou .
    三. 木と泥じゃ流される
    san . ki to doro ja nagasa reru
    nagasa reru , nagasa reru
    ki to doro ja nagasa reru
    saadoushimashou .
    四. 煉瓦と砂で作れ
    shi . renga to suna de tsukure
    tsukure , tsukure
    renga to suna de tsukure
    saadoushimashou .
    五. 煉瓦と砂じゃ崩れる
    go . renga to suna ja kuzure ru
    kuzure ru , kuzure ru
    renga to suna ja kuzure ru
    saadoushimashou .
    六. 鉄の棒で作れ
    roku . tetsu no bou de tsukure
    tsukure , tsukure
    tetsu no bou tsukure
    saadoushimashou .
    七. 鉄の棒じゃ曲がる
    shichi . tetsu no bou ja magaru
    magaru , magaru
    tetsu no bou ja magaru
    saadoushimashou .
    八. 金と銀で作れ
    hachi . kin to gin de tsukure
    tsukure , tsukure
    kin to gin de tsukure
    saadoushimashou .
    九. 金と銀じゃ盗まれる
    kyuu . kin to gin ja nusuma reru
    nusuma reru , nusuma reru
    kin to gin ja nusuma reru
    十. 丈夫な石で作れ
    juu . joubu na ishi de tsukure
    tsukure , tsukure
    joubu na ishi de tsukure
    korede daijoubu .

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