What do you feel is a man’s status symbol? (Sample size=528, men)

Rank Score
1 Car 100
2 Qualifications, licences 81.1
3 Field of work 79.9
4 Educational history 72.0
5 Watch 69.5
6 Shops he frequents 63.4
7 Suits 56.7
8 Where he lives 48.8
9 Shoes 38.4
10 Kind, grade of credit card 37.2
11 Beautiful wife, girlfriend 36.0
12 Welcome at shops he uses 27.4
13 Circles he participates in 26.8
14 Home furnishing 26.2
15 Handsome physique 25.6
16 Physical strength 24.4
17 Digital gadgets 19.5
18 Writing implements 17.1
19 Location of office 15.2
20 Quality of collections 12.2

What do you feel is a man’s status symbol? (Sample size=516, women)

Rank Score
1 Car 100
2 Field of work 96.4
3 Educational history 84.9
4 Watch 61.6
5 Qualifications, licences 52.3
6 Suits 43.7
7 Beautiful wife, girlfriend 39.4
8 Where he lives 38.4
9 Shoes 34.1
10 Shops he frequents 31.2
11 Physical strength 24.7
12 Kind, grade of credit card 23.7
13 Handsome physique 20.8
14 Famous people he knows 18.6
15 Location of office 15.4
16 Home furnishing 15.1
17 Golf club, etc membership 14.3
18 Number of women he knows 13.6
19 Circles he participates in 13.6
20 Welcome at shops he uses 12.9

Source: What Japan Thinks

They should have done a poll for women also…


17 thoughts on “Status Symbols in Japan

  1. You’re killing me kitsune, i’ve never even owned a car!! (what’s the source for the pic with the 66-66 license plate?)

    1. I dislike cars and driving actually, but I do appreciate the interest of others in them.

      The devious picture is an original painting not related to any particular anime, but I found it at the dark place of the internet. I don’t recommend you to go there because I am still recovering after the picture search for my best anime music post… What has been seen, can’t be unseen!

  2. I miss my car. As soon as this graduate degree is over, I am going out to get myself a nice house with a garage… and something awesome to put in it.

    1. Animekritik,

      Good, but I’ll save you from witnessing the horrors 😛

      – – –


      Yes, as Belldandy would say, it means that you take good care of such things and have a warm heart 🙂

      – – –


      It would be nice to live in one of those old style Japanese houses, but that would be very expensive I imagine.

    1. I am sorry that my website makes you feel bad 😦

      I am surprised that your statistics are getting worse because you have excellent content. I wonder if it is due to the end of the semester and the finals. I think your blog is great 🙂 In fact, it is the best blog covering manga that I know of, and you have many other interesting anime related posts 🙂 Actually, if I was giving the Anime Blog Awards 09, I would give you the Best Manga Blog award 🙂

      Hits are only a number – the paramount, in my view, is the feedback that people give and the discussions it generates 🙂

    1. 7,

      What manhood? 😛

      – – –


      hahaha Projective tests ftw! 😛

      Lessons Learned:

      – Relieve sleep deprivation asap
      – Never make comments after midnight


  3. hey! i could see why this is tagged “initial d”!!! cars, check. handsome physique, check. education, check. field of work, check. credit cards, check. you’re talking bout takahashi ryosuke from initial d!!! ok so i know i’m just thinking this way cos i’m addicted to him.

    its interesting to note that japanese men and women think of cars as well… status symbol. i heard that only the rich owns cars in japan cos of the high parking fees and highway toll charges?
    shoes? golf clubs? what if he’s rich and popular in society but can’t play golf?

    yeah, what manhood?

    1. Well, the only reason I tagged it Initial D is because this post includes its parody from Lucky Star. In fact, the girl says *beep* D at the end of that scene 😛 You can watch the comparison of footage here 🙂 Lucky Star looks better than the original 😛

      Yes, not all people of high status play golf.

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