I am not very familiar with the Touhou project, but it looks like a collaboration between Nico Nico users who provided the voices for the story. That vampire looks very scary 😛

[via Japanator]


2 thoughts on “Touhou Project (Voice and Subtitles)

  1. That was…pretty freaking epic…If only Zun wasn’t such a butt head and let a big production company do a professional anime of touhou. We can only dream.
    Some of the voices are off though imo.

    I don’t like Marisa, or Yuyuko. I always imagined Yuyuko to have Noto Mamiko’s as a seiyuu. It just makes sense.

    But for just a bunch of nico buddies comming together, this is some fantastic voice work. A great effort and this was a great find.

    1. Well, it looks like you are very knowledgeable about that project 🙂

      I don’t know if the voices fit or not, but I agree that it was nice collaboration 🙂

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