Tytania 10: Collapse of Euria (Euriya Houkai, エウリヤ崩壊)

Other Tytania Episodes

Caring for flowers as a hobby came up in this episode. This is sometimes a hobby of a strong type character. Kagetoki Kariya from Samurai Champloo comes to mind. Why such seemingly invincible people have such a hobby?

Perhaps, because caring for flowers is a very relaxing activity that can bring peace to mind and provide refuge from the past. Moreover, it fulfills the need for generativity that older people might feel. In the case of Kariya, he manipulates people just like flowers.

“Do you know how to get rid of the weeds? A weed takes away the nutrients that flowers need, which causes them to dry up. But if we get rid of the weeds, the flowers that grow in the same soil will still end up dying out. Plant a flower that consumes the weed’s nutrients. Yes, a flower like this might look beautiful, but it also has its own cruelty.”

Lydia also likes to care for flowers, but for different reasons. Flowers look pretty to her and she loves their variety ( she found out that some flowers can bite 😛 ). Although she is still a child, she is beginning to understand her responsibility and expand her sympathy from flowers to people. She made a bold move by coming to the Uraniborg, but, of course, it was not entirely motivated by saving her country. I wonder what will be her worldview 10 years later.


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