Xam’d: Lost Memories 16

Other Xam’d Lost Memories Episodes

This episode was about winter. Again, just like in the Episode 12, we see the relationships between parent figures and children with Flora metaphors, but in a different light.

Yango describes spring, summer, and autumn, but can’t recall what they say about winter, looking at the wounded soldiers. What the boy can’t recollect about my favorite season, the old man reminds us: “Fading in winter, burning in our wake, season of love and sunsets.” Throughout the episode we see scenes that illustrate that theme.

Winter is a season when nature takes a rest. Some things perish and will never come back to us again. After loosing sight of Yango and reflecting on her past, Nakiami notes that sometimes we can truly understand how we care about something only when it is gone.

Also winter is a very harsh season that is not easy to endure sometimes. As Yunbo recalls, after three days of contemplation, Ishu proposes to name the child Hinoki (cypress tree), so he’ll grow big and strong. We also learn earlier in the episode that three weeping cedar trees are missing… Nakiami recalls her difficult childhood, yet she persevered and became a better person.


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