Hand: Apply directly to the face

Kuroshitsuji 12 was a very event-dense episode. The ending was great! I can’t wait to see what what she’ll do next 🙂 Manga purists will be happy with the next episode 😛

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16 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji – Episode 12

    1. Kanzeon,

      The possibilities are only limited by your imagination…. I think that scene shows preparation for branding Ciel. It was very sad 😦

      – – –


      Yes, I wonder about it too. My hypothesis is that Angela was a part of the group who participated in the ritual.

      haha Indeed, slapping was priceless, but Sebastian took it well 🙂

  1. I realy loved this episode! *-* But… Did not like the death of the Puppet Guy… You know his name? I’d like to know so much… Ç_Ç

    I love the screenshots! *_* Great job!

    Sorry my bad english, ok? xD

    Bye, bye o/

    1. Well, the question is whether the Puppet Guy was actually alive 😛 Unfortunately, I don’t know his name – sorry. The official website does not have an extensive character list yet.

      Thank you 🙂

      Your English is fine, don’t worry about it 🙂

  2. Uhm. What does tanjobi mean in english? ^^
    And I don’t get why Ciel have to slap Sebastian<333 😦

    Thats it. Thanks. ^^

    1. Aesha,

      誕生日 (tanjōbi) means birthday 🙂 The party at the end of this episode was celebrating the occasion 🙂

      Ciel slapped Sebastian because he didn’t save Elizabeth.

      – – –


      Yay! Thank you for mentioning this 🙂

  3. Kitsune (and Kanzeon):

    No, I don’t think that particular scene is preparation for branding; a nearly-identical shot is shown in the manga, but it’s very clearly after the branding took place. Also, horrifying as it may be, the flashback is triggered by the “man” in the chair saying to Ciel, “your body has already been defiled,” if my understanding of the Japanese is correct, which implies something other than branding. Er, yeah. >.< I’m surprised the anime would be so much more direct about it than the manga, though; usually it tends to be the other way around.

    1. Thank you for this explanation, Blackanise 🙂

      I am still not convinced, but I’ll keep that possibility in mind 🙂 I hope we learn more about Ciel’s past later in the series 🙂

  4. huh…. i guess this proves ciel does have affection for lizzie after all i thought he was just annoyed at her always lol. he seems to care a lot in this eppie

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