Xam’d: Lost Memories 17

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We hear the lecture from Episode 12 on regarding the enemy again. This time it has a different tone and setting, but the same content. The lecturer complains about ambiguousness of the enemies of present day that don’t “stir his heart”, as we see Akiyuki delivering death notifications. The eye that accompanies Akiyuki must have separated from him just like that dark spirit did in Episode 12. In a poignant scene we see Akiyuki and the flying eye facing each other. This lecture is not about the external enemy, this lecture is about the enemy within us that manifests in greed, hatred, fear, and leads us to wage wars. This was illustrated very well in the scene from Episode 14 where a soldier shoots at transformed Akiyuki.


3 thoughts on “Bōnen no Xamdou – Episode 17

  1. I actually wasn’t able to grasp the meaning behind the connection between the letters and the deaths of the receivers. If I may surmise, I believe the people living in that town are all destined to die due to their sickness and are only waiting for that time, wherein your concept of death notification comes in.

    I somewhat agree that the enemy could be pertaining to the enemies within ourselves but the part of the lecture where it mentions the concept of data and calculations still puzzles me. Does this imply that all human beings are calculating/ have selfish motive? If that’s so, then maybe it is indeed the darkness within everyone.

    1. Death notifications are letters sent out to the families of those killed in war, not omens of death for the recipient. “Hey you’re gonna die soon ttyl.” If the series did that it would make less sense than it already does.

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