Xam’d: Lost Memories 19

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The episode was about communication and advancement. We see Prois and Tojiro trying to convince Midori to sign the contract with sweet talk, but their words are full of saturated fat. Unfortunately, Midori swallows the cake, and Azami foretells of grave consequences facing those who have high cholesterol.

On the contrary, Nakiami refuses to participate in Kujireika’s madness and finds courage to fulfill her duty by pursuing the path that she abandoned a long time ago. Becoming a Tanjo is a great honor and responsibility that may take time to get ready spiritually. The old masters had to purify and prepare themselves before painting icons. In a similar way, Nakiami left her village 10 years ago, came back, and left again, but she is a very different person now who is ready to face her fate.

We see a nice spectrum in expressions of feelings in this episode: Tojiro deceives Midori, Ishuu says that some feelings can’t be expressed in words, Nakiami leaves a flower, Akiyuki leaves a letter encompassing his true gratitude in a word “thank you”, and Haru says to Akiyuki that he does not have to say anything to her – they understand each other without words.

The Akiyuki and Haru scene reminded me of Escaflowne… This is an AMV with one of the favorite songs by Yoko Kanno and Maaya Sakamoto 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bōnen no Xamdou – Episode 19

  1. I liked how Akiyuki now looks much more mature then he did before the mask.

    There’s so many little things going on in this show that repeated viewing are going to be necessary for me to catch everything – not that I’m complaining 🙂

    1. Yes, Akiyuki is one of the characters who show growth as the anime progresses 🙂

      Indeed, I like the writing because it interweaves so many nuances while moving the plot forward 🙂 Repeated viewing may reveal some aspects that eluded us at first. This is especially true with this series because it involves a rich terminology, revealing its true meaning much later after the initial appearance.

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