When do you want someone by your side? (Sample size=554, women)

Rank Score
1 When I have a cold 100
2 When I’m invited to a party on my own 88.2
3 When I’m in hospital 71.4
4 When the streets are full of illuminations 62.6
5 When I’m feeling down because work isn’t going well 61.8
6 When I can’t sleep because of things going bump in the night 60.9
7 When looking at breathtaking scenery 55.5
8 When something I hate happens at work 54.6
9 When I’ve cooked something wonderful 50.8
10 When I’m having a hot-pot 42.0
11 When I bump into a friend with a partner in tow 36.1
12 When returning to my dark room in the evening 35.7
13 After spending a day off sitting around the house 34.9
14 When I hear a Christmas song 28.6
15 When friends talk about love 23.9
16 When I’m drinking 22.7
17 When watching a program about love 20.6
18 When watching comedy and my solo laughs echo around the room 15.1
19 When I realise I’ve stopped paying attention to clothes, make-up 14.3
20 When buying new clothes 13.9

Source: What Japan Thinks

The results are quite interesting. Being alone at the party is more troubling than feeling down. It seems that social pressure is quite strong.

6 thoughts on “When Do Japanese Women Need Someone?

    1. haha Well, I am not sure if probability of getting a girlfriend or getting a cold is higher there 😛

      This survey just highlights importance of being close to people you care about in difficult times of their lives.

  1. Egad, I so don’t want anyone around when I have a cold. I want to curl up in bed with a mug of tea and maybe my dogs to keep me company. Maybe I’m just a bit grumpy when I have a cold. 🙂

  2. Rinalia,

    Well, everyone is different and all people need their time alone sometime 🙂

    – – –


    Yes, it would be interesting to know 🙂 When I am feeling down would be one of my top choice probably. When I talk to people I feel better usually 🙂

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