How anime influenced your life?


11 thoughts on “Anime Made Me Do It

  1. OH WOW. So true.
    But wait..
    1. Im studying Mythology before I became a Saint Seiya fan. Its not an influence. But because of Saint Seiya, I much liked Mythology even more.

    2. Sakurajosui? I dont know that.

    3. I hate classical music. But I play classical music on the piano. XD

    4. Bible? …

    5. I hate Psychology.


  2. Elfen Lied got me really into the artwork of Gustav Klimt. I suppose GTO played some role on my decision to become a teacher in Japan. And Initial D certainly influenced the way I drive…

  3. Ōkami-Sensei,

    Gustav Klimt is nice. Try Egon Schiele (some of his art is too much, but other pieces are quite interesting).

    I hope you drive safely…

    – – –


    haha Don’t let her drive you crazy. See, she had to recover you one time already 😛

  4. What the…? Although i have to say Nodame Cantabile completely changed the way i do my music studies, because now i can’t think of works featured there without laughing hysterically..

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