Recently, I posted my favorites in anime music 2008, and now it is time to cover voice actors and actresses 🙂 I chose top five male and female seiyu. Keep in mind that this list is highly subjective 🙂

I dedicated a separate page for each seiyu. You’ll see a photo, a list of roles they played in 2008, some pictures of characters, and videos with voice samples from anime 🙂


18 thoughts on “Best Anime 2008: Seiyū

  1. Oh, so Inoue Kikuko played Belldandy huh? You don’t have one of my favorite Romi Paku roles listed either, Teresa in Claymore!

    My favorite seiyuu, hands down, is Kugimiya Rie. A lot of people seem to dislike her though. I just can’t get enough of her tsundere roles. Although, I’m a crazy masochist, so I can see why a lot of people wouldn’t like her :p But I absolutely love Kugimiya Rie ❤

    1. Yes, Inoue Kikuko played Belldandy and many other roles 🙂

      I don’t have it listed because Claymore is 2007 😛

      Unfortunately, I didn’t have much exposure to Kugimiya Rie. I don’t recall that I’ve seen any other anime besides Full Metal Alchemist with her. Perhaps, if I see more anime with her, my opinion will change.

  2. Ahh, these are just people that played roles in 2008? I have no concept of time, because I only just came in at the end of August this year. So everything I’ve watched has been this year (barring a few series I watched back in high school), and I never bother to look up when they actually aired.

    Oh and Kugimiya Rie plays Nena Trinity in Gundam 00, but since it’s such a small part, it’s not one she’s normally mentioned for. Taiga in Toradora is her big role this season (well, also Yuuhi in Akane Iro). Actually, I think she had something absurd like 5 or 6 roles this season. Anyway, I just love her voice :3

  3. That’s a pretty good list, so no complaints there.

    Rie Kugimiya is one of my favorites but I can understand how some people wouldn’t like her. Her best role is Taiga in Toradora.

    If you want to bolster you’re picks even more you can include these roles from 2008 as well. Hikaru Midorikawa is also playing Yuusuke Yoshino (the electrician that Tomoya works with) in Clannad. Marina Inoue played the energetic Iku Kasahara in Library War. And Kikuko Inoue also plays Sanae Furukawa, Nagisa’s mom, in Clannad.

    1. Nazarielle,

      Yes, this list is for 2008, but I included some videos from older roles for voice sampling purposes.

      I have not watched Gundam 00 and watched only one episode of Toradora, but I see why people might like her 🙂

      – – –


      Thanks 🙂

      Yup, she is good as Taiga 🙂

      Ah, thank you for mentioning those 🙂 Sounds like Clannad had many good seiyu 🙂

      – – –


      I am glad you liked it 🙂

      Merry Christmas, Kanzeon 🙂

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