Happy Holidays! May peace and joy of the holiday season be with you 🙂

Megumi Nakajima’s recent video for the song “Be Myself” skyrocketed in popularity on Nico Nico, but sparked some flames as well. People want her to move on beyond Ranka.

[via Gabriela Robin]

Christmas in Japan Song [via Japan Probe]

It is not very well known, but Japan has its own version of Santa too! 🙂 This Santa is quite scary though…

Santa Claus turned up in Japan in 1875, and the first book of Christmas was published in 1898, was called, ‘SANTAKURO’ and was a book about Santa Claus and for children.

The following account is not directly related to Christmas, but has the similarity with such European Christmas characters as ‘Cramps’ and ‘Knecht Ruprecht’.

“NAMAHAGE” has appeared in the snowy villages every 15th (January?). Namahage visits the houses in the village wearing the mask of a demon and clothes made of straw. He has a box which he rattles and it makes a scary noise. When he visits the houses he says, “Where are your naughty children?”

The children are afraid of him. The people living in the houses have to give him food and drink and entertain him, and then say, “My children are nice” to make him go away.

Also, “SHI-SHI-MAI” and “SHICHI FUKUGIN” come to the houses on New Years Day. This custom is like old Father Christmas in Britain when people believed that a holy traveller visited the villages on the day of the Winter Solstice.

Source: Christmas Archives via Japan Blog

The following is a Christmas show involving voice actresses of Negima. They did many fun things, but the best part in my opinion was a story drawn and narrated by Yu Kobayashi 🙂 The story starts in Part 2 at 8:00.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I prefer this season not as one of tinsel, lights and storefront carols, but rather as one of quiet — a season of soft-falling snow, a season of anticipation, a season of memories.

The girl stood there, flummoxed and trembling. That I could hardly speak Japanese was a blessing. For I had no idea what to say.

Read full article in Japan Times about Christmas and love in Japan

Holiday Greetings from Anime Bloggers:


8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2008!

  1. Merry Christmas Kitsune! Wish you the best in everything because you’re really nice 🙂

    Lol at Megumi Nakajima’s PV… I watched it already and I thought it was just a behind-the-scenes thingy but I didn’t know it’s official already XD. She’s still looking adorable though.

  2. Happy Holidays Kitsune! The Yotsuba picture is awesome, but so are most of those pictures as well. The Santa from Japan is very disturbing though, just the thought of that turning up at my house is frightening. Anyway, I hope you have a great day and Holiday Season!

  3. FFVIIKnight,

    Yes, everything was very carefully calculated 😛

    I see… The German girl spoiled that other picture for you 😛

    I placed Rei at the end of the post close to the topic about love 😛

    – – –


    Yeah, nice to see you back 🙂 Happy Holidays to you! I’ll try to enjoy it, but it is quite busy for me now >.<

    – – –


    Merry Christmas! 🙂

    That video was very popular, so no wonder you saw it already. I wonder where Nakajima will go next.

    – – –


    Happy Holidays! 🙂 I really like Yotsuba and hope it will be animated someday because it is a very cute manga 🙂

    Indeed, that Santa is scary, but I’ll not tell you where the true Santa comes from because it might be even scarier 😛

  4. Merry Christmas!!

    Yeah for Azumanga Daioh Christmas. I’m rewatching this right now – too much drama, death, and sad anime right now – needed a good comedy.

  5. Thenullset,

    Merry Christmas 🙂 Azumanga Daioh is one of the best anime ever because they nicely blended surrealism, comedy, and nostalgia 🙂 It is almost as good as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

    – – –


    Merry xmas 🙂 Have fun this holiday season 🙂

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