#1 Jouslain Tytania (Tytania)

Nobody knows what Jouslain is thinking about. He is the most understanding of the Tytania clan who prefers diplomatic resolutions of conflicts and cares about human life. He is smart yet humble, saying that many people overestimate him, but he also mentioned that Tytania will rely on him at its darkest hour…

14 thoughts on “Best Anime 2008: Characters

  1. Sadly, I only know two of the characters on your list so it’s hard to say whether I’d agree with the choices. (T_T)

    Personally, I’d award Best Ensemble Cast to the five main characters of Toradora! – they hardly ever fail to crack me up. Favourite characters (in no particular order): Minorin, Ryuuji, Taiga, Tomoya, Hime (mainly because of that awesome scarf), Nagi, and I suppose Takako.

    1. Well, most of the characters on my list are from relatively unpopular shows.

      Oh yeah, I liked the energetic attitude of Minorin 🙂 It was depicted quite well in this AMV 😛

      I assume Hime is that girl with a long scarf from Y. Quartet anime. I liked color design in that show, and that long scarf opened up many possibilities for nice animation 🙂

  2. OMG..I DID NOT HEED YOUR WARNING IN ANOTHER POST ABOUT SEBASTIANS PICTURES..You’re right..they have an effect alright..*swoons*

    These are perfect, simply gorgeous, you caught his sexy, mischievous, smug, almost devilishly good looks lol I could go on!
    Thank you!

  3. Edgar and Sebastian are the best. Although Sebastian > Edgar.
    I’ve only watched Kuroshitsuji, Earl and Fairy and Tytania from that list though.

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