Kuroshitsuji 13

Ah, India… the land of wisdom… Excellent episode with wonderful music 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji – Episode 13

  1. Yay! Prince Soma and Agni making their very first appearance in this much awaited ‘Indian’ arc. Soma’s really a wealthy spoiled brat! I love Agni. He’s nearly as capable as Sebastian and more than a match for Sebby…he sort of win the that fencing duel, didn’t he?! :-p

    1. Oh yes, I really liked Agni 🙂 He is very skilled and treats everyone with respect 🙂 He even said Meido-dono 🙂 Also it was nice of him to get everyone involved with the cooking. Indeed, he is great at fencing as well. Another thing I liked is his voice 🙂

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