“Super Dimension Launch Ceremony” event will be held in Tokyo’s Akihabara otaku shopping district next February. February is the precise month when the events of the very first episode of the first Macross science-fiction romance series supposedly takes place. Specifically, in February 2009 of the Macross timeline, mankind launches the alien spaceship that crashed on Earth ten years earlier — only to be attacked by another alien enemy on the same day.

Souce: ANN


6 thoughts on “Macross: The Super Dimension Space Launching Ceremony ~It’s Really 2009 Already…It’s 2/22 (Nyan Nyan Nyan), Deculture!~

  1. Yes. I actually bought her artbook as a Christmas present to myself. She’s also one of the character designers in Shuffle and the original artist for that new show about soda can girls (though I have to say that the art of that show is an absolute abomination).

    1. Oh, I see. She must be one of your favorite artists if you bought her artbook as a Christmas present 🙂

      Probably, the art of the anime lacks quality because they had to simplify some things to make the animation easier.

  2. Actually, I never really liked her until a while ago when I saw Icie’s review of her artbook. A lot of her earlier works are pretty generic, but her recent works are stunning.

    It’s not the problem of the simplifying. Lucky star had extremely simple art but it still looks alright. Akkikan just had a crappy budget, that’s all.

    1. Artists go through evolution and, sometimes, they improve significantly or even change their style altogether. For example, if you look at Picasso’s early paintings, they are very different form his later works. I am not too fond of his work, but that is the most salient example for me at this moment.

      Yes, the budget must have been limited.

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