Best Anime 2008: Shows

December 31, 2008

Best Ongoing Anime 2008: Bōnen no Xamdou

This anime touches many topics including war, religion, communication, relationships between people, and exploration of human nature. With six episodes left and all pieces in place, Bōnen no Xamdou has a good chance to make a worthy finale. I’ll write my final impression after the last episode🙂

The anime has one of the best openings this year🙂

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  1. I like how you made different categories that cover a wide range of things and from what I’ve seen this year and your choices, I’d have to agree with most🙂 Happy New Year!

    • I am glad you liked it🙂

      Happy New Year, Lostty!🙂

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  5. Very well done! Many of the verdicts I agree with. Some of the rest I can’t assent to – not because I disagree with you but mainly because I was unable to follow a lot of the series profiled here. orz

    Happy new year!

    • Good to hear that you liked the presentation🙂

      Happy New Year, Diego!🙂

  6. Ugh, tried to finish reading the post but the combination of separate page formatting and losing consciousness due to illness forces me to give up prematurely.

    Good analysis but only one gripe. Needs more ef🙂

    • :O Please go away from the computer now and get some rest!

      Yes, I am aware that Ef is quite good, but I’ll have to see it first🙂

  7. Yegads where do you find the time to watch it all!

    • Keep in mind that this is a post for the entire year. I mention only about a dozen titles and watch about three shows per season. This is a relatively moderate consumption compared to the number of shows some people devour😛

  8. When you put it like that, its not so bad🙂

    • Yup, but it took me a long time to put this post together😛

  9. Very good list. I agree with most of your picks or at least see the logic.

    I’d forgotten about the musical from episode 6 of Kure-nai; definitely one of the funniest episodes of the year.

    • Thank you🙂

      Yes, that Kure-nai episode was very fun🙂

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  12. So many pages! I didn’t have time to finish reading all of them, but I agree with at least 90% of your reviews. Good stuff.

    • Thank you🙂

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