Best Troll: Shoji Kawamori

Since Crusader covered the issue in great depth, I’ll refer you to his posts, but I feel compelled to quote this passage because I found it especially entertaining (highlight the text to read it;  warning: some  spoilers):

If you are a Sheryl or Ranka fan who thinks this series sucks now after your pitiful minds were overloaded by the Kawamori troll GTFO and an hero yourself this instant! If you are some sorry looking Singaporean conscript who just got trolled for the first time by Kawamori and are now weeping in the corner of a maid cafe, how does it feel to be stupid for daring to think that you would not be trolled? Kawamori and Kadun have no use for you. Go back to your harem series from whence you came and never let your hateful presence mar the glory of our franchise. (Source)

Further Reading:

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19 thoughts on “Best Anime 2008: Shows

  1. I like how you made different categories that cover a wide range of things and from what I’ve seen this year and your choices, I’d have to agree with most 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Very well done! Many of the verdicts I agree with. Some of the rest I can’t assent to – not because I disagree with you but mainly because I was unable to follow a lot of the series profiled here. orz

    Happy new year!

  3. Ugh, tried to finish reading the post but the combination of separate page formatting and losing consciousness due to illness forces me to give up prematurely.

    Good analysis but only one gripe. Needs more ef 🙂

    1. Keep in mind that this is a post for the entire year. I mention only about a dozen titles and watch about three shows per season. This is a relatively moderate consumption compared to the number of shows some people devour 😛

  4. Very good list. I agree with most of your picks or at least see the logic.

    I’d forgotten about the musical from episode 6 of Kure-nai; definitely one of the funniest episodes of the year.

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