Goze (瞽女) is a Japanese historic term referring to visually impaired Japanese women, of whom most worked as musicians. A part of recording “Kuzunoha’s Child Separation” was used in Sara’s performance in Samurai Champloo. It is sung by Tsukioka Yukiko, who studied the recordings of the “last of the Goze'”, Haru Kobayashi and Shizu Sugimoto, and even walked a pilgrimage of all 88 temples of Shikoku island to understand the harsh life of these traveling performers.


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3 thoughts on ““Kuzunoha no Kowakare” by Tsukioka Yukiko

  1. i love this song thats is play in Samurai Champloo is one of the best song i have ever hurd.. the the sound and why she sings makes me go into a trensend trance of peace and sadness.. i do not understand japanies but you you can feel its sadness… i love music i might be a punk and heavy metal junkie but this song has to much power behind it ….

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