New Year Resolutions: Exercise

January 3, 2009

Exercise is often listed among the resolutions for the new year and can be helpful for both physical and mental health. In fact, many studies found that exercise may improve your mood and alleviate depression. I hope these videos and resources will give you some inspiration to exercise regularly🙂

Japanese are extremely efficient because they can teach three things in one program: exercise, English, and safety tips.

This parody of Susan Powter’s first workout video directed by Nagi Noda features a gymnast Mariko Takahashi in some surreal settings😛

See, even Miku Hatsune exercises!

This is a video of a 82-year-old woman from Okinawa who takes care of herself very well and plans to reach the age of 125.

[via Japan Probe]

The last video is a famous Battle Athletes AMV🙂

Exercise Resources:

Zen Habits:

Stepcase Lifehack

Dumb Little Man: Tips for Life

One Hundred Push Ups


  1. Well exercise is a great thing for everyone, but kinda scary if it’s like Susan Powter’s parody.

    • haha Yes, it was kind of scary. I really liked that Okinawan woman video that showed how determined and wise some people are. Primary prevention is very important.

  2. True so very true…. so think before you eat, or suffer the consequences… but there are so many nice food out there.. although there was this one anime that had me cracking up.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gD8nV8RlPU

  3. Is anybody scarier than Richard Simmons?

  4. Miz,

    Oh, you can eat plenty of food, just in moderation🙂

    hahaha That was a great video – thank you for mentioning it🙂 Some characters in anime actually promote healthy eating or at least try to😛

    – – –


    Well, it depends😛

  5. […] to 10 million depending on the airline (1, 2) – you are much more likely to die from heart disease (start exercising now). Don’t let the media intimidate […]

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  7. lol what is she dressed in? and the old lady…i bow to her. well done to her!

    • Not sure whom you are referring to, but I am guessing it is the poodle girl lol I have no idea😛

      Old lady is awesome🙂

      • yes, the poodle girl.

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