I had no intention to check out White Album, but Kanzeon recommend this anime, and I decided to check it out. The first episode looked quite good (director is Akira YOSHIMURA) and seiyu were great too. Also I liked the atmosphere of the 80s 🙂



New Anime Winter 2009

The year is 1986 in this episode. It was a memorable year in music. The event that is the most salient to me is Queen’s performance at Wembley Stadium. This is a song called “Who Wants to Live Forever?” that they recorded that year.


8 thoughts on “White Album – Episode 1: Love or Career?

  1. To be really frank, I didn’t like the story at all as what it was shown in the first episode. The “when Nana Mizuki sings the OP of the show, it has 90% chance of sucking” theory was really true after all lol. Just in for Nana Mizuki pwning Aya Hirano (I don’t like Aya Hirano’s singing XD).

    1. Yes, it takes a while for this plot to develop. The first episode didn’t impress me with the writing, but, as I mentioned, I did enjoy the visuals: we see many interesting shots and some nice colors. Actually, I would cover this series if I had more time. Also, since some of the voice actresses are famous singers, we might get a moment like this 😛

  2. I actually like the first episode. It’s quite slow but the build-up is actually good 🙂 And I like drama and the characters have their own personality. So I hope it would break the “when Nana Mizuki sings the OP of the show, it has 90% chance of sucking” curse that Tsui’s saying…

    1. I recall you wanted to see this show, so I am glad you were not disappointed 🙂

      I question the validity and reliability of that 90% rule anyway 😛 I hope this anime turns out well 🙂

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