Maria Holic seemed like a good anime at first. Yu Kobayashi and Marina Inoue are some of my favorite seiyu, yuri with a trap setting is fun, and I enjoy SHAFT works very much. I thought this show will be another gem, but I was wrong.

Although seiyu performed great, the rest of the show did not fit my taste. Occasional good art did little to remedy annoying numerous monologues and perpetual nose bleeds of the protagonist along with slapstick humor. The second episode was even more boring than the first one and the art quality decreased substantially. This show reminds me of Hyakko: good director, poor writing.

Since I mentioned that I wanted to cover this series before, but will not fulfill my intention, I would like to refer you to some other bloggers covering this show.

Impz is very excited about this anime and provides good coverage with summaries, screenshots, and impressions.

Tsui’s coverage is also extensive, including many screenshots.

14 thoughts on “Maria Holic – Dropped

  1. Wow, it made that big of an impression on you after the second episode huh? I haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment, but I’m not expecting super crazy awesome plot or anything, just some good humor from the main trio.

  2. Aw, what a bummer to hear it went downhill. There was such potential in the premise too. I’ll have to watch the second episode myself, but hearing that the second episode was worse, is a pretty big let down.

    1. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion – other people enjoyed the second episode. Perhaps, your opinion will be different once you see it yourself.

  3. I enjoyed Maria+Holic so far 🙂 … And thanks for linking to our blog (now that you mentioned it, I was supposed to blog Maria+Holic on the next few eps and Tsui was just in charge of the 1st episode post while I’m gone… Did he really did good? lol..)

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