Tale of Genji 1

Another animation of the oldest novel that is celebrating one millenium turned out quite well. Art, animation, music – all were great. I planned to blog about this anime, and this episode met my expectations 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Genji Monogatari Sennenki – Episode 1

  1. I was a little taken aback by the OP…kinda expect a slower theme after a graceful intro to the story and wham bam, hit by Puffy’s uptempo mod theme…I laugh at myself. Ending theme I like. Bgm is very nice. Overall animation is alright as well. The other thing is that each time I listen to Aya Endo’s voice…Sheryl Nome’s image crop up in my mind. But I like how Genji sounded. I’ll keep watching it but I think this is the kind of series I’d want to watch at my own pace much like Kurozuka…which I’d recently completed watching.

  2. Ayumikat,

    Yes, the OP does not fit.

    hehe Indeed, it is not easy to get rid of that image 🙂 I liked voice acting overall though.

    Take your time with Genji 🙂 Oh, consider posting your impression about Kurozuka then – I wonder how it turned out.

    – – –


    haha Well, if you can, does not mean you should 🙂 One of their goals was to make the work appealing to the younger segment of the population. The first sequence and the OP song by a relatively famous band were some of their choices to achieve that goal. That’s ok, as long as people will take interest in the classic work.

  3. I found the OP rather out of place too *_* ED was good though.

    I think the animation and art were uneven at parts but overall still quite good. They try to compensate for the lack of movement by flowing hair ^^;;;

    Kurozuka was better than expected. I liked it 🙂

    1. Yes, ED was much better than OP.

      Well, they just use inbetweens this way to make the scenes more emotional. This technique was used more often in older animation, but rarely utilized now.

  4. I’ve watched the first episode.. and agreed that the front nudity was pretty shocking – and to see that they made Genji asexual is such a wow… Ken Doll moment..

    I pretty agree with everyone on the opening being so inappropriate that my mouth dropped open when I heard it.. ending is better.

    But then as I watched the episode.. I though Genji was a girl at first, but then realizes that he had that hairstyle.

    Also was thinking, wow an Oedipus complex if I ever think about it. They sure get decisive when they are very young, but expecting it with the age expectancy.

    Also was thinking…wow to the eyelashes, definitely made me think of Galaxy Express 999 with the Maetel from an angle…>_<

    I’ve decided to stop watching this anime though. Historical anime are definitely not my cup of tea.

    1. Well, traps are popular these days…

      haha Yes, character design in Galaxy Express 999 has a distinctive feel 🙂

      Indeed, historical anime is not for everyone.

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