“I can’t stand modern movies. The images are too weird and eccentric for me”

Young people are surrounded by virtual things. They lack real experience or life and lose their imagination. Animators can only draw from their own experience of pain and shock and emotions.”

Source: Straitstimes

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4 thoughts on “Miyazaki: “I can’t stand modern animation”

    1. Well, not all old people have such opinions, but it seems that he does not like that the younger generation deviates from the “proper” methods. I wonder if some animators who are just starting today will say the same thing about the new generation in a few decades…

  1. I understand what he’s saying and I agree and disagree with what he’s saying.

    For the last couple of years I’ve watched the Perseid Meteor Shower in August. I get a blanket, head out to the backyard, lay down and look up. Sometimes I get lucky and see a bunch of nice ones in a short amount of time and other times I have to wait 30-45 minutes to see one. It’s been one of the favorite things I’ve done recently and something I look forward too all year round. I can’t really describe why it’s such an awesome experience, maybe because it’s natural and I’m not guaranteed to be entertained – it just is.

    And the virtual things can’t fully replicate the real world yet. I’ve sat on an empty beach looking out at the ocean for hours at a time but could never see myself watching the ocean on my computer screen or even on a large-screen tv without getting bored after 10 minutes.

    But I also think Miyazaki, like most people as they get older get set in the way they view the world and it’s very hard for them to see other ways. Which is why I think adults are currently blaming video games for causing societal problems when last generation the thing causing the problems were television and rock’n’roll and before that it was jazz music and dance halls.

    1. Oh, that meteor shower must be a beautiful sight 🙂

      I love the ocean, especially the sound of the waves 🙂

      The blame is not completely unfounded, but, of course, not all problems are caused by games and TV.

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