Years ago, a man who had attained age 20 without having had sex was contemptuously referred to as “yarahata,” a composite of yaranai (not to do) and hatachi (20 years old). But these days, Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 21) reports, plenty of fellows have already hit 30 and still never gone all the way.

Maybe these fellows should bone up on the 105-page comic book from Ichijinsha titled “Sanjissai no Hoken Taiiku” (Health Education and Physical Education for Men in Their 30s). Since going on sale last December, the title has been enjoying strong sales, making it to the bestseller list (No. 25) of the Japanese subsidiary of

“The erotic stuff on the Internet isn’t that useful for a man who wants to lose his virginity,” says the editor at Ichijinsha in charge of the project. “That’s because virtual women and real women aren’t the same thing. I myself attended an all-boys school and as I didn’t have many opportunities to talk to females outside of my own family, I had no idea of how to ask a girl out, let alone have sex with her.

Rather than photographs the book contains illustrations of moe-kei (”budding,” i.e., wholesome girls in the bloom of youth). Included are methods for asking a girl out, and then getting down to such nitty-gritty items as seduction, popping the question, undressing her and so on.

While some might chuckle at the naiveté of the contents, and how they cater to otaku (geeks), Nikkan Gendai says the book contains plenty of practical pointers and can be readily put to use as a hands-on learning tool. The publisher has received feedback from readers ranging from teenage boys to men in their 50s. (K.S.)

Source: Tokyo Reporter via Japundit


4 thoughts on “How to Do It: Manga Instruction Manual

  1. I am actually annoyed at how the moe or the contents of how they cater to sex…as a fail in Japanese as well as Asian culture.. I always think of them as never thinking of their female partner’s pleasure, so then what is there a remedy for it.. >__<

    1. It seems you are pointing out that women are objectified in some Japanese and Asian artworks in general. Indeed, this is true in some cases. The remedy is in proper education.

      Although I have not read the book, it seems that it covers social skills, among other things, that some people may lack. Also, to make this book readily accessible for the targeted audience, it is written as manga.

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