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8 thoughts on “Genji Monogatari Sennenki – Episode 2

  1. Ahh.. it shows Genji having sex, and/or taking his step mother by force… well I didn’t watch it.. but from this entry, saw the pretty series of suffice… so I think that is sufficient… >_< probably not enough, but I can’t just put myself to watch a historical story.

    Now my thought though, if the anime is not a hentai, then then shows sex albeit the lack of male parts- make me think of Ken dolls… then what type age group should even watch this anime?

    1. It seems that the beginnings of the episodes form a pattern… Was it his stepmother? :O

      I see… It seems you really don’t like Ken doll moments. ( Advice: never watch Gundam 00 😛 )

      The age group that watches this anime may be quite diverse: some people watch it for the story, others for historical purposes, yet others like art and music, and some like a little bit of all of the above.

      While some things annoy me about this anime, I intend to finish watching it because I am curious to see the animated depiction of the Heian period and enjoy art and music.

  2. Not sure who the woman at the beginning is but the lovely lady he forced himself upon is Lady Rokujou, not the stepmom. The woman at the beginning does look like the stepmom but only because of the patterns on the kimono…haha. Genji has alot of lovers…difficult to tell who’s who unless the lady’s name is mentioned. I do feel a little sorry for Genji because Lady Aoi gave him the cold shoulder but then again, maybe he sort of deserve it. She probably knows that he flirted with other aristocratic women. The art and music is fantastic.

  3. I’m not currently following this series, but I have started reading the original! I’ve committed myself to finishing a chapter a day, which means that I should be done with the whole thing before the end of March.

    Chapter 1 (yesterday’s dose) was promising. The story was engaging and Royall Tyler’s translation is excellent. Now it’s on to Chapter 2 before I retire for the night.

  4. Ayumikat,

    Yes, he does have many lovers. It is like those monster of the episode shows, but in this case each episode starts with a scene featuring some new woman…

    Oh, don’t feel sorry for him.

    Indeed, the art and music are great 🙂

    – – –


    Ah, I am glad you found the time and dedication to start reading the novel 🙂 I heard many good things about Tyler’s translation and hope you are enjoying it 🙂

    Have fun with your reading and let me know what you think of the book 🙂

  5. Hmm.. I was poking fun at the Ken Doll look.. sometimes when I look at men with chest looking like that – drawn and not truly defined I start to arch my eyebrow…. and say hmm.. Ken Doll.. I didn’t particularly care for Barbie when I was younger, but you have got to admit… lots of girls when young, they do play with Barbie.. and when I was growing up.. before Barbie dumped Ken.. he was the boyfriend material with that chest of his..

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