Sons and fathers, foxes and wolves, wine and coffee…

“Those who let denial control them, end their lives without accomplishing anything.”

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4 thoughts on “Tytania – Episode 14

  1. Where are my lasers ??? 😀
    Your screenshots remind me that I still wonder why they had to humiliate Estrades farther by making him stupidly fall down the stairs.

    1. Oh don’t worry, Huric went looking for some lasers in that rural area 😛

      They made that scene because it is dangerous to drive after drinking. I approve health propaganda in anime 🙂

  2. What I do not get is why Hulic suddenly decided to take a break. I mean, even if they come up with the excuse that he always is like that, just WTF? Did they have to use that to show the lack of him appearing? Still I hope the next episode continues well from where it left off, then maybe we might see some good stuff out of it.

    Jouslain was more cunning than I thought.

    1. Huric took a time off to grief. Vengeance was served, it is time to pause and reflect.

      Well, they had to show some kind of reaction of the team to his sudden disappearance.

      Yes, some more good stuff are coming up. Estrades is gone and Huric is hiding, so the focus will be on the internal conflict between the Dukes.

      Jouslain is my favorite anime male character of 2008 🙂

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