Genji Monogatari Sennenki 4

The episode was beautiful, but very sad 😦

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11 thoughts on “Genji Monogatari Sennenki – Episode 4

  1. I loved this episode!
    Finally Genji meets his most important person and he fails to tell her what he wants to. So unlike than with any other girl he met!
    I think they’ve built their relationship very well! I wonder what will happen in the next ep., the emperor appeared!

  2. He says he tried to put up a facade instead of telling her his feelings as they were. In fact beside the pond he told her that maybe he should find someone better than her, so that he’d be able to forget her (and she replied “that person definitely exists! There should be a lot!”), while what he wanted her to know was that he *can’t* think of someone else, which he conveyed that night breaking all their mutual efforts to not see each other again. He didn’t really need words, and Fujitsubo didn’t really make a real effort to resist xD

  3. What I meant is that Fujitsubo wants to be Ganji’s. By no means I’m trying to justify rape!
    ikemasen = it’s not right to do this =/= I don’t want to

    1. Regardless of the exact translation, the tone was clearly negative. It looks like the propagation of the myth that what woman says and what she really wants are two different things in this context. Obviously, this is not the case.

  4. This series is getting better and better by the week. I didn’t like the fact that Genji forced himself on Lady Fujitsubo. He seems to have the bad habit of forcing his way to getting what he wants. It doesn’t help that Fujitsubo eventually falls for him. *cringe* Whatever, I just didn’t like his attitude here. She’s still his Dad’s consort and his step mother. Whichever way I look at it, it just wrong!

    1. Yes, he tends to take what he wants. Perhaps, such was life of Heian aristocracy…

      Yes, it is wrong. They need to add some panthers and a song by David Bowie to make it even better 😛

  5. Fujitsubo is just a few years older than him like lady Aoi, and she’s always acted as just a good friend to him. There was not really a mother-son relationship (shes too young). Also, the emperor did not seem to have such a close relationship with Fujitsubo, and she just seemed bound to him because it was the custom. They were made for each other and probably might have married if the emperor didn’t take her as his consort and I hoped that the dream that they elope comes true (in later episode)!

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