We are back to the coverage of Hakushaku to Yousei! Probably, you’ve seen this episode already, but what was it really about? Let’s listen to Sakura’s somewhat disturbing recount 😛 – Kitsune

When we last looked in on this show it seemed Edgar and Lydia were close to finding the Legendary Sword they had been searching for.
Unfortunately for them the creepy Huskley was never far behind and it seems he has caught up to them once again.

But Edgar is always one step ahead of Huskley and his evil schemes and this time is no exception as he thwarts his plans and gets his hand on the Sword of the Merrow.

Poor Lydia, her adventure is only just beginning! XD

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8 thoughts on “Hakushaku to Yousei Episode 4

  1. I thought this episode was terrible when I watched it and enjoyed this write-up more.

    Raven might be hawt now, but wait until you see him wearing a dress later.

  2. @ steelbound, thanks 🙂 I’ve noticed so many really good trapz in shows lately.

    Gundam 00, Kuroshitsuji, Maria-Holic.

    Not that I’m complaining, they really are fun to watch XD

  3. Lol…what a hilarious review! Goodness, it’s better than watching the actual episode. Now if only it really happens that way…oh what horrid fun to be had! xD Me love the cat too.

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