Tytania 15

Wonderful backgrounds and a warm message of hope made this an enjoyable episode for me 🙂 Karen is not Nakiami, but she is quite good therapist 🙂

Other Tytania Episodes

Karen’s Song

Central Anime Version

The starry sky gets clolored in bright pink.
From beyond the clouds, the sun says hello.
It’s the same as the color of my hair.
And it warms up the cheeks of mountains.
What happened yesterday is yesterday.
Let’s erase those with tears.
My hair color today is the white of the next page.
Which crayon shall I use to color it?
Around there, the warm color is beautiful.
What kind of fun drawing will come out?
I’ll find out in my dream.

ANBU Version

The starry sky turns bright pink.
The sun appears bright and shines beyond the clouds.
The same color as my hair.
The mountains also turn their cheeks slightly red.
Yesterday’s events are yesterday’s.
Get rid of them with tears.
Today’s hair color is a white blank page.
Which crayon should I use to color it?
A warm color will work wonderfully.
I wonder what kind of fun picture it’ll end up being.
I have to wait and see for myself in my dreams.


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