Kemono no Sou-ja Erin 4

After the episode three I decided to blog only subbed episodes because I felt that I am missing important parts of the story. Of all the shows I am covering right now, I enjoy Erin the most 🙂

Other Kemono no Sou-ja Erin Episodes


  • Villages lead a solitary life and rarely communicate with each other, adhering to the old tradition
  • Intermarriage between members of different villages is quite rare
  • Erin’s mom (Soyon) was one of the people who used to serve as a messenger between the villages
  • Her husband (Yasun) was a son of the Chief of Aka village (village Erin resides in right now). He died while Soyon was pregnant, but begged his grandfather to let Soyon stay in his village
  • Soyon grew up in the Kiri town that is a key link between the outside world and Kiri tribe. Current relations between Aka and Kiri is strained, probably, due to involvement of people of Kiri town in Yasun’s death

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