Get ready for eternal life and better sex: Russians scientists working on a Siberian mammoth graveyard have found unknown bacterium DNA which, according to preliminary lab results, effectively extends mice’s life-as well as other things.

According to Professor Anatoli Broushkov, their “set of tests and the results prove that simple organisms like fruit flies and mice live longer after being vaccinated with the ancient bacterium extract.”

Not only that, but the bacterium DNA super-vaccine actually increases mental alertness, physical capability, and sexual activity for both male and female mice.

The females actually have had babies at an older age than usual: “Some elderly mice demonstrated a growth of physical, mental and sexual activity, while some females even had babies aged at the human equivalent of 70,” said scientist Vera Samsonova.

Source: Gizmodo va Japundit

I want to see it published in a decent peer-reviewed journal first. Also, even if it is true, it would take a while to see a vaccine for humans.


6 thoughts on “Secret to Eternal Life Discovered

  1. sounds like a big load of mammoth s**t. i saw ice age AND ice age 2 and nothing in those documentaries backs this so-called research up.

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