One of the benefits of waking up at 5 AM to exercise is catching interesting documentaries.

This morning I watched “Inside the Meltdown” on PBS. It’s about “how the economy went so bad, so fast and what Bernanke and Paulson didn’t see, couldn’t stop and weren’t able to fix.” This program recounts the events of the past year, including discussion of systemic risk, Lehman Brothers’ crash, moral hazards, toxic assets, and capital injection among other things. The presentation also features commentary by journalists, economists, and politicians, featuring videos of past events and excellent photographs.

You can watch the documentary and read the analysis, timeline, and interviews on PBS website.

6 thoughts on “Inside the Meltdown: How Economy Failed

  1. You wake up at 5 am to exercise? That’s very disciplined of you. (: I have to wake up at 5:50am to get ready for college. Wow, that certainly sounds interesting! I haven’t had an update on the current economy recession in a while, I’ll check it out when I’m free! (:

    1. Yes, I have to wake up around 5 AM to exercise, take a shower, cook/pack lunch, eat breakfast, etc. It takes some time to do it all. I do let myself sleep longer on weekends sometimes, but the day feels more productive if one wakes up early even on weekends.

      Yes, the documentary is worth checking out 🙂

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