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10 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji AMV: Triangler

  1. Okay, does that image above the video has any relation to Kuroshitsuji? O_o pretty confused, haha. And… the person on the left is a guy right? I fail in telling between genders.

    1. The person on the left is Alto Saotome (male) and on the right is Sheryl Nome (female) from the anime Macross Frontier. As you noticed, Alto can be confused with a female sometimes. In fact, his nickname is hime (princess). This character was inspired by a famous young onnagata Taichi Saotome. The reason why I put this picture up is because Triangler by Maaya Sakamoto is one of many wonderful songs in Macross Frontier 🙂

  2. Oh, I see. Haha, I wonder how must he feel since people often muddle him with a female. Do men take that as a form of flattery… or aghast? But that’s a really lovely drawing of the couple; I may not know the series but the illustration above really held my attention. (:

    1. Oh, he didn’t like it 😛

      How men take it depends on an individual 😛

      Yes, I liked the drawing as well, especially the lines ( too much lipstick though 😛 )

  3. Ano.. does anybody know who made the fan art above showing alto and sheryl?
    I’d like to get her/his permission because I want to use this picture as my pose reference in my friend’s cover novel.
    please PM me if anybody know who made this, thank you so much

    [EDIT: I deleted your email to prevent spam]

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