Makoto Shinkai (新海 誠, Shinkai Makoto), born Makoto Niitsu (新津 誠, Niitsu Makoto) (born February 9, 1973) is a Japanese anime director, animator, and principal voice actor. A native of the Nagano prefecture in Japan, he studied Japanese literature in university. He traces his passion for creation to the manga, anime, and novels he was exposed to while in middle school. His favorite anime is Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki. (Source)

My favorite Shinkai’s anime is Hoshi no Koe. Shinkai produced the entire film on his Mac (girlfriend voiced female character and Tenmon provided the soundtrack). This projected showed once again that wonderful works can be created with enough passion and persistence.

Awards for Hoshi no Koe:

  • 2002 Digital Contents Grand Prix – The Award for image design (Entertainment Category)
  • 2002 Tokyo International Animation Fair 21 – The Highest Award (Public Offering Category)
  • 2002 Animation Kobe – The Award for Packaging
  • 2002 Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival – Digital Arts Special Prize
  • 2002 Japan Otaku Award – The Gunbuster Award
  • 2002 AMD Award – Best Director
  • 2003 Seiun Award – Best Media of the Year

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4 thoughts on “Global Makoto Shinkai Day 2009

  1. Dang! I was trying to watch the dub version of 5cm and the stream on Crunchyroll isn’t working. Just curious ’bout how the dubbing 🙂

  2. He produced that movie entirely on his Mac? That’s quite a feat. I prefer his 5 Centimeters Per Second best. XD It will always be such a beautiful movie.

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