Kuroshitsuji 20

No, this episodes does not look like this picture at all 😛 Bijin-san enjoys endures pain from some scary and beautiful torturers, including his master who is good with guns apparently 🙂

Warning: This episode features some disturbing scenes.

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54 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji – Episode 20

  1. i don’t get it. why was Sebastian mad in the last part? was it because he was slapped twice? i haven’t watched this episode w/ subs so i have no idea where they were getting at. but i remember ciel mentioning Aberlain, or whatever his name was, is stupid for getting himself killed, and Sebastian agreed. But what’s with the i’m-obviously-mad-at-something/someone look? Is he mad at Ciel? I hope not… >_<

    by the way, Sebastian’s body is sooooo HOTTT!!!! (*wipes drool.. *) gosh, i’d gladly offer my soul or anything else for a butler like him. ^_^

    1. Well, it was not madness I think. As you mention, Ciel says regarding the detective, “Baka na… yatsu.” Sebastian agrees, “Eh, baka desu ne…”

      Oh yeah, that’s because he exercises every day 😛 Be careful with your soul! 😛

  2. I think Sebastian’s mad because Ciel’s showing real feelings towards Aberlain, treating him as a real friend rather than just a tool, and was taken by Aberlain’s last words, about “future” etc..

    He obviously didn’t mind the first slap, and was rather pleased to explain why he didn’t act quickly to protect his master was because he knew Aberlain would offer himself as a meat-shield. But Ciel slapped him again when he mentioned the word “shield”…It’s quite clear that Sebastian deliberately let Aberlain die just to get rid of him.

      1. There is no need to be upset about Sebastian’s logic; he is a Devil to start with.

        And with the God’s Angels plotting the Doom’s Day to Kill Everyone with cleansing fire, what Sebastian does now might well turn out to be the least evil in the series.

        It’s going to be a sad ending for sure, and this episode is the turning point.

        I hate to say it, but this kid is completely screwed, through no fault of his own, just plain ugly fate.

        If you think about ep18, the only reason Ciel was saved was because he clung to his bitter emotion, his hatred, his pain, the dark side that obsesses Sebastian.

        Now Aberlain has managed to drill some false hopes, dreams about a bright future into his mind, which means he will no doubt fall for the Angel’s manipulation in the next plot, which will be the END.

        Besides, Sebastian confessed that he caused the Black Death in 1347. A Devil who can manage such a feat is not to be messed with, …

        (This is guilty pleasure) But I sort of looking forwards to the day Ciel does something like breaking the contract in order to have a future, which will no doubt piss Sebby off completely…

        1. Yes, only four episodes left! The ED sequence gives a hint to what is coming…

          Indeed, Ciel had a traumatic past, but he’s been very resilient so far. He definitely needs a therapeutic session with Nakiami 😛

          Oh, so that is why Ciel was saved? I thought it might have had something to do with the contract and the fact that Angela was still alive.

          Ciel didn’t fall for Angela’s plot the first time, and I hope he can prevail again 🙂

          Yes, Sebastian is a mighty enemy indeed.

          Oh, I wonder what consequences would follow for breaking that contract 😛

  3. I kinda figure Aberlain will bite the dust. He’s such a sympathetic person, like how he saved Ciel. He suspects something fishy is going on so he ends up dead. Lau’s in too deep in a game he knows that his luck has run out. Angela obviously enjoys her whipping session with Sebastian 😛 I’m half expecting Sebastian to go on a destructive glee after what happened to him.

    1. Yes, it was very courageous of him to save Ciel, but I really dislike these types of deaths because there is always some other object you can use to deflect a sword rather than your own body >.>

      Oh yeah, she really enjoyed it 😛 Actually, I was feeling bad about Angela’s future because of what happened to Sebastian – I hope she will not be hurt too much D:

  4. I have no words about Angela’s crazy outfit. But is it necessary for her to uh, wear that while doing that? Pretty disturbing. Okay, maybe I’ll skip Episode 20 just to avoid that part, haha. I LOL-ed at the screenshot which shows Sebastian standing/skiing/balancing on that… cannonball. That was way comical and I expected better of him? (: I noticed from certain screenshots that Abberline’s wound disappeared and appeared (towards the end of the episode). Oh yeah I did looked up BDSM on Wikipedia. Gasp. So that’s what happened in this episode? I have nothing to say about Sebastian’s… uh, body. Funnily enough, I don’t like to ogle. D: Only Sebastian would endure stuff like that-and just spring up again completely unscathed. Haha! Ciel should be proud.

    1. Yes, it is absolutely necessary because modern shows can’t survive without fanservice 😛 Note that she was properly covered though – the black color is just for emphasis 😛

      Oh yeah, Sebastian took some inspiration from Baron Münchhausen 😛

      Abberline spent most of the episode talking to Ciel.

      Indeed, Angela was a dominatrix and Sebastian enjoyed it 😛

      Good, other aspects of a person are more important than a body 🙂

      Yes, Ciel has a very resilient butler 🙂

  5. Heh, what’d I tell ya? It comes from watching Code Geass, probably. . . where practically every secondary character died as soon as they got a back story -_- I’m kinda disappointed that it was predictable, but at the same time. . . it made for good progress in the development of Ciel and perhaps even Sebastian. . .

    Thanks for the awesome (Creepy?) screencaps! ^_^

  6. Sebastian enjoyed it? I see… HAHA. Oh I just saw your comment on my blog, so I guess I’ll reply it here. Thanks, glad you liked the poem and also a big thank you for wishing me! (: I read up on Baron Münchhausen, and it seems so! Goodness, and I was thinking that feat was surely impossible, unless done by Sebastian. Was reminded of Jack Sparrow’s way of tying his hair to two turtles and riding them to shore! They should meet up some time, Jack and Sebastian.

  7. I think the reason for Sebastian being mad at the end of the episode was more because of what Aberlin said to Ciel and the effects those words could have on Ciel. Afterall while Aberlin wants Ciel to move on with his life and think about the future,sort of like “forgive and forget.” Sebastian on the other hand is a demon, and wants Ciel to dwell on darkness, to have his mind set on revenge. I’m guessing this has got something to do with how his soul will tase O.o. But I think Sebastian realizes how Aberlin’s last words could shake Ciel’s resolve on the whole “I live for revenge and nothing more” thing, and the thought of Ciel faltering just pisses him off.

    Well sorry if that came out as a bunch of rambling but yeah >.<

    Anyway bloody/ shirtless Sebastian just made my fangirl heartskip a bit. and dead Lau just made me die a bit inside T.T. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

    Btw that Angela girl has got some serious issues

    1. I see, you are suggesting that Aberlin spoiled Sebastian’s lunch 😛

      Yes, it seems many people like bloody shirtless Sebastian for some reason 😛

      It is clear that Lau was wounded, but I am not sure if that was a fatal wound.

      Well, Angela endured abuse by her master at Houndsworth, so the session with Sebastian was a catharsis for her 🙂

        1. haha Well, it did seem like she enjoyed it 😛 One of the things that I didn’t like about the scene is that the voice actress didn’t change the tone of her voice at all. Given the intensity of the whipping, I would expect some irregularity of the breath 😛

  8. I don’t think they killed Lau off.

    He will no longer take part in the story, but might turn up for one screen second in the end, with a sinister as always smile on his face, something like that.

    Because I think part of the reason he betrayed Ciel was to test the Phatomhive’s real strength.

    If Ciel lost the game, then this kid’s useless and deserved no sympathy. But if Ciel can defeat all players and beat the game, he will hand over the Document, tell Ciel the truth, and have this kid to do his bidding.

      1. No, I guess I was a bit misleading by saying “test”. Sorry…

        The Document is about the Queen’s scheme which uses “Lady Blanc” to start another war.

        Well, Lau is Chinese, and as a victim of the Opium War, it’s logical to assume that deep down he hates the Britain. So he might enjoy screwing the Queen’s plot.

        But such a thing is far beyond his ability, that’s why he deliberately involved Ciel in the game.

        Besides, he had long suspected Sebastian wasn’t human, and probably wanted to test that theory too..

        “Will you continue to be Her dog if your Queen’s plotting a war?” He asked Ciel during the confrontation, betting on Ciel’s conscience. There is a chance Ciel will go against his Queen out of conscience.

        **I assume Lau doesn’t know about the angels and stuff, so he understands everything’s the Queen’s doing.

        1. Ah, that’s some evil scheme the Queen is plotting… Lau definitely hates Britain – his expression during the anthem was priceless 😛

          Yes, it is possible that Ciel will give priority to his conscience over allegiance.

          Thank you for your detailed clarifications and explanations, I appreciate it 🙂

  9. This episode is rushed to say the least.

    It seems the whole mess all came down to a very simple object, to isolate Sebastian, so Angela can have a private session with him, and hopefully makes him an offer that he can’t refuse.

    She will offer him as many souls as he wants in the upcoming Doom’s Day, if he let go of Ciel’s. But Sebby refused anyway, because he’s so obsessed with Ciel. Angela was upset that Sebby declined her proposal, so unleashed her frustration on his body.

    The interesting thing is that Angela never attempted to kill Sebastian off, which makes you wonder if Ciel’s soul really is something special,…or the root goes deeper than what meets the eyes…

    The whipping is all for viewing pleasure, and serves no real purpose; honestly Grell can do a much better job than Angela…

    1. I see, that’s an interesting offer – Ciel’s soul must be very tasty, since Sebastian refused to accept the exchange 😛

      Yes, Grell might be able to do a better job, but Angela is more fun to watch 😛

      1. There is likely something beyond the taste that draws supernatural attention, the devil the angel and the reapers..Sebastian even said “Bless this lonely, tainted soul”..The Devil’s bless, heh..

        Actually I prefer Grell, he should really go claim the day promised to him, that will be fun to watch..

        1. Oh my… Devil’s bless… Hopefully, we’ll find out more details about Ciel’s soul soon 🙂

          haha Sebastian said that he is quite skillful in that area 😛

  10. I’ve been wondering for a while, but is the Queens butler Angela in man form?
    they have the same colored eyes and hair…maybe they’re siblings?

    1. At first, I thought that Ash is Angela’s brother (another angel?), but, as others pointed out, we see that wolf boy gets very excited when he sees Ash, suggesting that Ash may be Angela. Also, the Queen at the curry competition might not have been a true Queen, but a puppet, since Angela often utilizes them 🙂

  11. Ack! just watched from episode 18 to 20 and I should have seen it coming >__>. Its a trick as old as the ‘building full of ill children, elders and women collapses and everyone dies’ scenario >>

    Oh, well….I’m amazed how much this has diverged from the manga O_O…I can’t really tell which one I like better which is odd cuz’ usually, I dislike the changes made but this…the manga plot seems more deep and developed to me, but this one isn’t bad either and its so much darker ·_·…makes me wonder what the final outcome will be though I agree the ED is a major hint. After all, maybe the world Aberline wanted to create approaches, an era where watch dogs aren’t needed and Ciel is meant to go, due to the contract but also…maybe after Aberline dead’s and the hope he inspired, maybe Ciel will agree and peacefully accept his fate >>

    I know I’m rambling a lot but I just love when an anime makes me this chatty xD,

    Anyway, as sad as Aberline’s loss is to me, I do love the dark implications already pointed out by others of Sebastian letting him die because he was (in a non sick way) purifying Ciel’s soul by giving him hope. What can I say? I love it when a character remains true to himself and his nature, and as much as he could be fond of Ciel, he´s still a demon that craves to posses that dark, strong and lonely soul after all.

    Which is why he must have looked upset at the end, for he knows Aberline had a positive impact on Ciel’s soul which in my humble opinion is so special because he’s a child that went from innocence to that extend of hatred; its as if he was snatched from heaven and ended up governing demons. Of course that’s just my thoughts, seeing as how upset Sebastian was about Angela trying to purify Ciel, and how he let Aberline die even if he knew Ciel didn’t want that. I’m sure there must be more to it but well…that’s a start ^^,

    Other than that, I hope they really explore the servant’s background in the next episode as I do miss that lil’ something from the manga. Let them be people and not only comic reliefs.

    1. Thank you for your extensive comment, Countess-D 🙂

      Yes, the building scenario was very evil!

      The creators are taking bold steps away from the source to forge a sword of superior quality that will conquer the hearts of the viewers 😛

      Oh, never hesitate to talk and chat as much as you want – I love listening 🙂

      Yes, Aberline’s loss was sad. My approval rating for Sebastian went down a little again 😛

      Indeed, Ciel’s souls seem to be very special. He went through many events and emotions, but I hope he will make the right choice in the end.

      I would like to know more about the servants as well. Especially I am interested in Finian’s past 🙂

      1. Yes, the anime made Finian’s past the most interesting though the manga did made me wonder about Meilin and Bardo’s…hope they manage to go through all of them (Tanaka included) on the next episode x3

        Also, I have to admit that at first not only I wasn’t convinced by this anime, but I told friends not to watch it, that it wasn’t worth it…well, I’m ready to go back to said friends and take it back xD; even if the anime skipped elements that I liked from the manga, it does seem darker and be it that they are making up, or following the same path through other plot twists, I can’t deny its interesting so yush, I shall spread the word to my friends x3

        Oh, and I’m glad you don’t mind my ramblings for I do tend to get carried away, specially when a series has so much to debate like what makes a child’s soul so special or a demon’s motif *_*

        Either way, I shall keep looking around and leaving my own thoughts and reading other people’s views too. Just hope you don’t end up tired of the endless ranting xD;

        1. I also wonder about Meilin and Bardo. We could hear some more background on Tanaka in addition to what was revealed in one of the episodes ( his wife looked very nice 🙂 ).

          Oh, you told your friends not to watch this anime? How evil of you! 😛 I am glad you changed your opinion 🙂

          haha I will not get tired – don’t hesitate to express your opinions 🙂

          1. Thanks, I will and yes…after meeting Angela I thought the show was going to be like many other made only of silly fillers and so I warned my friends, but I kept watching because after watching until that point it felt wrong to just drop it. Now I’m glad I did and that I can rectify my mistake ^^,

            Oh, and I noticed the new entry about episode 21 but until I watch it I shall be good and wait before seeing it ^^,

  12. o someone know what is called the song no the ending the one that start in middle of the episode i think i want it but i don´t find t anywhere

    1. I don’t remember what song played at the time, but I’ll check it later today. I hope Kuroshitsuji OST will be released soon because the music in this anime is really good 🙂

  13. I believe the reason Sebastian might want his soul to be blessed, is perhaps he really is tired of the life he is leading and wants to change it. Would it not be possible for him to consume a blessed soul and no longer be damned? I think he is trying to aid Ciel but also save him in some ways at the same time. We know he doesn’t want to be a crazy blood thirsty soul craving demon anymore because he states it. He is willing to sacrifice his own body and needs for Ciel. I think this is all part of his plan. If everyone is so interested in Ciel’s soul, then perhaps it has underlying powers. Just food for thought.

    1. Oh, that is interesting – thanks for mentioning 🙂

      Sebastian’s plans are not very clear to me. It seems that he does want to help Ciel, but there might be several reasons behind it. Hopefully, we’ll see some debriefing in the next season 🙂

  14. I was really hoping Sebastian would show up all beaten and battered when Ciel called. It’s those parts when Ciel shows his vulnerability that just gets to me, in a good way (ie. earlier episodes when he’s all “stay with me until I fall asleep” & when the photo taken by the magic camera showed that Sebastian was the one he cared about most that was deceased). He’s still only a child and scenes like that show that he’s growing attached to his only guardian figure, which any child would. Ah, wishful thinking.

      1. Ash probably asked the scotland yard to arrest them,
        and btw, when Sebby was tortured, why was his clothes torn open? I can see his hot body *nosebleed*!!!

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