Best Lead Actor Award

Hiroshi Kamiya

Best Lead Actress Award

Rie Kugimiya

Best Supporting Actor Awards

Kazuhiko Inoue

Tomokazu Sugita

Best Supporting Actress Awards

Aya Endo

Miyuki Sawashiro

Best New Actor Awards

Nobuhiko Okamoto

Yuuki Kaji

Best New Actress Awards

Kana Asumi

Haruka Tomatsu

Best Singing Award

Megumi Nakajima

Best Personality Award

Jun Fukuyama

Source: ANN

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6 thoughts on “3rd Annual Seiyū Award Winners

  1. That’s a pretty good list I think. I matched the best lead actor and I did give Rie Kugimiya my best vocal performance in my 2008 best of awards. I do think Marina Inoue deserved an award this year.

    I know in the two previous years that many people said these awards where horribly biased but with a very good set of winners this year maybe these awards will be held in higher regards now.

    1. Yes, some of winners are on my list as well. Indeed, Marina Inoue is a good voice actress 🙂

      Almost everything is biased in one way or another. Such lists can be viewed not as the standards of quality, but as a representation of popularity.

  2. That’s right Kitsune! I was also finding Marina Inoue in the list but why is she not included. T_T I think she did a great job in Skip Beat! oh well.

    I see that Rie Kugimiya is on the best lead but why Yui Horie is not on the supporting? sad.

  3. Yay Jun Fukuyama won! I can’t believe Megumi beat Aya Hirano and Mizuki Nana with Seikan Hikou. Congrats to Aya Endo and Rie Kugumiya! Sheryl Nome’s character was nominated under the supporting role?

    1. I can’t believe Megumi beat May’n 😛

      Yes, it was strange that Aya Endo was nominated in supporting role. Sheryl is clearly a protagonist. However, Aya Endo, voiced some other roles as well.

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