A Taiwanese man arrested for allegedly killing his landlord on Monday has reportedly blamed the GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) manga for his actions.

Tong Li Publishing, the Taiwanese licensee of GUNNM manga, released an official statement on Tuesday. Tong Li offered its condolences to victims as well as stated that it mobilized their staff to fine-comb through GUNNM from start to finish and made sure it had no such plot or any hidden message to promote criminal acts.

Source: ANN


11 thoughts on “She Made Him Do It!

    1. Yes, he might be just trying to divert attention, but I wonder how his room looks like. If it is covered with Gunnm art, and he has plenty of manga, then his claim might be more likely true.

      1. Could you elaborate on how could it be TRUE ?

        Personally i don’t see “Battle Angel Alita” promoting violence against “landlords” or innocent people or displaying it as a good thing .. everyone who read it out there (including me) didn’t go on rampage and killed his friends, family or landlord … and if the managa isn’t obviously the problem then the receiver is the who is one defunct.

        Same goes for “games made me do it” thing, the problem is not with violent games as much as it is with very bad or non-existent parenting …. the parents just neglect their child (in many ways) and when the disaster happens they look for a scapegoat, a normal well brought up kid who is being parented well enough will detest Violent games or at least won’t be affected by it to the extent of committing a crime.

        And then we have the problem of kids not being able to tell fiction from real … but also parenting is involved here too.

        1. This person might be suffering from some mental disorder and the manga might have served as a spark, but I don’t think manga played the key role.

          As you point out, parenting plays an important role in psychological development. That person might have had a difficult childhood.

          1. True, but that means you can’t hold the manga or the writer responsible for the what happened.

            The person has to be examined for mental illness .. if he happens to be ill then he is to get the needed treatment .. if not then he is to get punished for his criminal act … but trying to save his skin by blaming it on a manga book is cheap (specially that it really isn’t a demented evil manga book that encourages killing people or anything)

              1. I remember some guy tried to blame a murder he did on the video game GTA once before … but still the judge condemned the guy since blaming video games and comics for your criminal acts is down right silly.

                Only people who could actually be influenced are people with mental illness .. and they need treatment in this case .. and need to be kept way from games and comic books.

                1. Yes, the responsibility is still on the person.

                  I don’t think that people with mental disorders should be kept away from all games and comic books, but I see what you meant.

  1. If he is going to kill someone, at least make it a plausible reason out of human actions and not in an indirect evidence such as written works.

    Mangas in general of course have their own plots and I think this just coincidentally matched his motive… and he tried to make an excuse out of it.

    Well, of course it is hard to blame the person himself as well so let’s leave it at that…

  2. Battle angel is a pretty violent manga, more violent than most and unlike elfen lied or Hellsing it’s actually well drawn. I don’t think it causes people to kill their land-lords though.

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