Tetsuro Kasahara and Monthly Ikki magazine have confirmed that a Ride Back television sequel has been greenlit for production. The staff (including director Atsushi Takahashi, series script editor Hideo Takayashiki) will be largely unchanged. Ride Back sequel tells the story of a girl named Yoriko (Rin’s daughter) and her “iron horse” robot motorcycle in 2035, a tumultuous time of global warming. (Source)


11 thoughts on “Rideback Anime Sequel

  1. Kind of expected considering the story does not seem to be able to finish in just one season. Still good news though.

    That is to say…until I saw your picture. LOL

  2. Awesome pic! I knew by episode 3 that they were pacing the show to be a 26 episode series and now I’m glad to see I was right since I’ve been liking the show.

      1. No, when I reread your article when I was actually awake and not watching Match Game ’75 on the game show network while trying to surf the net, I actual figured out what you’re intent was and I should have checked your source out before saying anything.

        Still an awesome pic though, thanks for posting.

    1. They don’t mention it, but it is said that his name will remain in the hearts of the people forever because he sacrificed himself to give humanity peace. He will ride the clouds again one day…

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