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20 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji – Episode 22: Adieu, Sebastian

  1. This episode made me reaaaaaaaally sad. I can’t wait for the subtitles so I actually know what is being said. It would clarify several things.

    Also, I hope that maybe Sebastian is just trying to show Ciel how bad it is without him so that he wants him to come back and that this isn’t a permanent thing. . . though, I don’t think that it is anyways. The show is, after all, named for Sebastian.

    Anyways, thanks as always!

    1. Yes, especially the beginning of the episode was very sad to me 😦

      Sebastian will come back for sure, the only question is how. I do like his cat form though 😛

      You are welcome 🙂

  2. So, what’s in store in the episode? Is the queen dead cos that girl don’t look like the queen…she can’t be that young? Why am I getting the feeling that there’s role reversal from watching the screencaps above…Ash going on a rampage and Seb’s is nice-nice??!! Poor Ciel, Shinigami to the rescue it seems. I hope the servants are alive…after last week’s episode, I suspected they might be in trouble and it seems like they are. Gasp! have so many questions. I need to watch the episode soon…hehe.

    1. I think the girl is the Queen Victoria, but her body was rejuvenated due to a contract with angels. One of the screenshots shows a senior person holding a dagger by the throat – that’s the old Queen. Ash appeared at that moment and they made a contract.

      Seb is not nice-nice 😛 Ciel find out what is it like to live without a demon butler by his side 🙂

      Yes, the Undertaker might help Ciel in the next episode.

      Pluto ate all servants! Muahahaha! Not really 😛 Ash riding Pluto looked like a horseman of the Apocalypse 😛

      I look forward to your impressions of this episode 🙂

  3. Haha, Sebastian’s a kitty now. From your screen caps, this episode looks really sad, and I can’t wait for the subbed version. I wouldn’t have expected Sebastian to actually leave Ciel’s side. Aha, there’s Angela in this one. (: And it seems that we were right about the ‘short’ queen being… anyone but a queen. Or is she the queen for real? Funny. So it seems that Ash is also an angel, and did he just torch the surroundings of the Phantomhive estate? Sebastian certainly appear infuriated quite frequently in this episode. And in your final screen shots, Ciel appeared to be nothing more than a young, helpless boy. I can’t wait to see what will the Undertaker do next. Thanks a bunch for the screen shots!

    1. Yes, kitties = ❤ 🙂

      The episode was sad in the beginning for me, but I felt it was good to let Ciel be alone for a while to feel what it’s like to be without a helping hand.

      The more Angela, the better 🙂

      I think it is the Queen, just lolified version 😛

      Yup, Ash is an angel. All those angels looks great, isn’t it? 🙂 Yes, they burned it all! D:

      Sebastian is not a happy kitty in this episode for sure 😛

      Indeed, that is exactly how Ciel felt at the end.

      Undertaker might reveal something about Ciel’s past in the next episode 🙂

      You are welcome 🙂

  4. Don’t you all agree that this anime really getting you addict?
    I really can’t wait for the next episode.
    Well my theory is maybe Sebastian felt that the Ciel soul’s no longer as darkness as it used before ,because after Abahrain death Ciel start to think more about his life also he begin to care more about others life too.
    So i think Sebastian doesn’t like his hesitation and try to convince Ciel to come back to his darkness by leaving him first and see what Ciel will do.
    Anyway is there any information about in which episode the anime will end?

    1. haha Yes, Kuroshitsuji is addictive in a way 🙂

      Your hypothesis sounds plausible 🙂

      Total number of episodes is 24. That means only two episodes left! D:

  5. Ah! just 2 episodes left! noooooo Dx!

    Damn >>…anyway, I should be mad at Sebastian for doing that to Ciel but! can’t be mad at such a beautiful kitty 8P

    So instead I’ll curse the queen and all of the angels ^^, I knew there was something wrong with the short, hidden and mute queen ¬¬….and Ash! no one who looks that much like Angela can be good ¬¬!

    Anyway….I just hope the servants are okay. Wouldn’t want that jerk re-creating the fire from the past just to have everyone Ciel cares about now killed too ¬¬

    And speaking of Ciel, yup…he changed and Sebastian do not like >w>….well, in his defense, I think Ciel is still changing and in the end he will manage to save himself by his own means, without the interference from any angel >__>.

    Judging from the preview for the following episode, Ciel will have to prove himself and show Sebastian that he’s still his awesome fearless shota master! ….and then we will say bye bye to kitty!Sebastian and hello to bishie Sebastian once more 8P

    1. Yup, only two episodes left!

      Yes, Sebastian is a nice cat 🙂

      Oh, I say the more they look like Angela, the better 😛

      I think the servants are fine – it would be too much.

      I hope to see a stronger Ciel in the next episode 🙂

      Yes, kitty Sebby is good, but we need bishie version too 😛

  6. Thank you for making all these Kuroshitsuji posts.
    I am so disappointed in this series.
    I know it probably is fine if you aren’t following the manga, but for those who are… UGH.
    What is all this crazy crap? They’re completely destroying Yana Toboso’s manga! ;___;
    This anime started off so well… following the manga…
    then they went away from it (which was fine) and then they came back (curry, anyone?) but they changed that too. (flying curry bread? WTF? POISON CURRY??)
    I don’t understand why they always makes anime that’s supposed to follow the manga, but they know they don’t have enough manga material out to do so?
    I HIGHLY suggest that everyone reads the manga. It’s so much more interesting, and it isn’t completely insane like the anime.



    Why did the author let them do this? I really can’t understand it.

    1. You are welcome 🙂

      I am sorry to hear that you feel very disappointed by the direction anime has taken 😦 It sounds like the manga had a better plot.

      One of the reason people make anime based on manga early on is because it is popular at the moment and the producers want to make as much money as possible.

      I am not sure to what extent the original author was involved in the scenario, but, regardless of her decision, the anime will heighten her popularity as well as improve her financial situation.

  7. So I watched the subbed version and the story about the Queen is much scarier than I thought… She was very upset about the death of her husband and wanted to commit suicide, but Ash appeared and combined her body with her husband’s (similar to what Angela did to Ciel’s parents).

    Ciel said to Sebastian that there is no such thing as a soul and Sebastian glared at him D:

    While parting, Sebastian said to Ciel, “Forget everything, I wish you good and happy dream.”

  8. Forget everything=Goodbye
    I wish you good and happy dream=Have a good life

    *drowns in tears*
    (kitty with red eyes appear)



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