The video’s story is set in the year 3000 on an Earth that has been reduced to ruins by weapons of mass destruction and environmental destruction. An animated alter-ego of Amuro is the lone survivor who wants to restore the once beautiful planet. She attempts to “convey a message of ‘world peace’ that transcends time” to the 21st century through a time-slip. A girl living in the present (as represented by another alter-ego of Amuro) receives that message of world peace. (ANN)

That girl reminded me of Sharon Apple. The video and song are ok, but these are much better 😛

Warning: The next video contains flashes and might cause seizures in some people.

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Namie Amuro (This is NOT Sharon Apple)

  1. I downloaded 50MB quality clip of Dr., it was very pretty but I agree that Macross Plus scene is just amazing. One of reasons why I rate the OVA so highly 😀

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