Oh yeah! The probability of me covering this show has just increased 🙂 I was worried about the character designs, but they turned out fine in the animated form 🙂 The last shot reminded me of Ciel sitting in a chair with Sebastian by his side lol

Warning: the trailer contains some nudity

The OP/ED songs are by J-Min. I have not heard of that artist before, so here is what I found 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Hanasakeru Seishounen Anime Trailer

  1. It looks good, but I am still pretty skeptical on the whole reverse harem premises, so it is an iffy factor for me to watch this. You’re right about the comparison with the Black Butler.

    1. Yes, skepticism is expected with such premises, but I feels somewhat optimistic.

      It was funny listening to the representative at Tokyo Anime Fair though. When asked about this show, he said that it is aimed at girl in mid to late teens. Then after a slight pause he added that the range is quite high actually lol

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