Looks like Sōten Kōro is not the only anime coming out this year based on Three Kingdoms… Here is the trailer! 🙂

The first Japanese-Chinese joint TV cartoon, based on the Chinese historical novel “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” has been produced and will be broadcast across China, its producers, including Japanese toy maker Tomy Co, said Tuesday. The other two producers are Future Planet Co, a Tokyo-based video-content maker, and a Chinese animation company under public broadcaster China Central Television.

Source: Japan Today

52 episodes!

Further Reading: ANN


8 thoughts on “First Japan-China Anime to be Aired in China

  1. Man, I noticed your title and then I looked at the picture at the top. The first thing that popped into my mind, without reading anything else, was “Of course it’s going to be Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and then I skimmed down…

    I am surprised to be correct. Nevertheless, the character designs look quite suitable, if the heads a bit small on the shoulders. But I’ve played too much Dynasty Warriors (KOEI game series based on RotK) to care much about the story though. Personally, I remember getting up to about chapter 80 out of 120, and I think most of the interesting people did their interesting thing or died by then.

    1. You were right, it is RoTK based anime 🙂

      Oh yeah, I really liked Dynasty Warriors games when I played them (seems like a long time ago) because they combined action and some elements of Tactical RPG. Who were your favorite characters? 🙂

      It sounds like you read most of the novel 🙂

  2. I am more impressed by this than the trailer for Souten. Looks like this one is based more on the novel than Records of Three Kingdoms, while I was told that Souten is based on Records. O well, we’ll see…

  3. I wonder if I can find a recording of the CCTV version when it airs…Bah, PPLive will probably be streaming it anyways…so I’m safe there.

  4. i wonder, where there ever any restrictions on japanese pop cultural imports into China? i remember korea having them (j-pop etc).

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