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19 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Nendroid: Sebastian Michaelis

  1. I saw those images a couple of days ago on that Japanese website you listed and I was totally in love with the figurines. It’s just soooo cute. I want one…the 3rd one. Kills me with the cuteness. 😛

  2. Ah! I want *__*…!

    Any idea how much they will cost? and where to buy them? ah! I can’t w to see Ciel’s figure either *___*

  3. All the three versions / facial expressions (normal, side glance and lovely with the cat) are on one box along with variant arms and the cat girlfriend.

    There would be Ciel Phantomhive later this year.
    And sadly, the tea set isn’t included. 😦

  4. XD Awwwwww I was dying for this, I was hoping to have a job way before it came out so I could pre-order it. But sadly I’m barely finding places to apply so my own will have to wait. It look like everything I expected though, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted one of these so much, and if I do get that job this will the first one I get asap =3 it’s SOOO cute!
    I guess I can assume it’s excellent quality? =]

      1. Thank you, it’s looking good.
        Ah yes! I made the mistake of looking around after I saw Sebastian’s Nendroid and saw Nozumu’s I had a fangirl moment, so hopefully if I get this one I’ll be able to save up for that one to!

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