Hot Kuroshitsuji Art

March 25, 2009

Source: Animepaper

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  1. Wow. Nice find. I say, Sebastian in that yukata is hotness personified. So’s the one dripping with sweat ♥😛

    • Indeed, those are nice pictures🙂

  2. And how am I supposed to work now😀 ???

    • I am sorry😦 Try to bring yourself back into focus by observing some VFs😛

  3. nice pictures! some are have naver seen
    could i get these sources?

    • You can find the source at the end of the post🙂

  4. Hahah the punk one is modeled after the anime Nana, i love it. Sebastian looks sooo sexy in that out fit >///<

    • Yes, Sebastian does look hot in those clothes🙂

  5. omgGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice pics!! *_*

  6. Sebastian… Jesus Christ, Sebastian. Stop being a drawing and live with me.

    • haha Yes, many people feel the same way🙂

  7. Sebastian, good luck

  8. Wow Nice Pic!!! Good Work!!!

  9. que padre esta esta pagina me agrada mi mayordomo prefrerido y nio de ni como desirlo pero me encanta gracias bye

  10. LOVE the last one!

    • I saved the best for last🙂

  11. Lurve them so much! the ending was so sad…but it was touching… Thanks for the pics!

    • Yes, the ending was sad, but there will be another season🙂

      You are welcome🙂

  12. Just finished watching this anime.

    And I really do admire the storyline especially that one hell butler. hahahaha I love his character and his talents. He sure is can do anything.

    The ending is indeed sad, but I think I like it that way.

    I wish I could watch an anime again like this one.

    LOVE IT. ♥

    • I also liked this anime🙂

      The next season will not feature the original protagonists, but might turn out good.

  13. i love to watch this anime especially the demon butler sebastian is so talented i love him lol hehehe^^
    but sad ending huhuhhuhuh
    i love this anime

    • Yes, great butler, good anime, but sad ending.

  14. OMG the photos are Sooooo hot and awesome i love black butler

  15. I love sebastian real kiss him if I adore you …..😄

  16. sebastian is by far the hottest kuroshitsuji character. but ciel fantomhive is really close to him to. if he was real he’d be MINE.

  17. awesome pics love them

  18. the hottest pics of them i have ever seen

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