The longer a man’s gaze rests on a woman when they meet for the first time, the more interested he is.

8.2 seconds or more => Could be already in love
Less than four seconds => Not interested


They let their eyes linger on men for the same length of time whether they find them attractive or not.

The researchers believe that men use eye contact to seek out fit and fertile mates. But women are more wary of attracting unwanted attention because of the risks of unwanted pregnancy and single parenthood.

Source: Telegraph

Clearly, other factors should be considered. People, don’t drink bad juice!


6 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Fall in Love?

  1. This is an accurate viewpoint on the female perspective.. ^_^ But where’s the conversation? I though that love at first sight is still quite overrated.

    1. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe in initial attraction, but it takes time for a spark to turn into a fire. It takes time to get to know the person well because one who might seem like nice person, may end up disappointing you in the end. Thus, I like to be careful and don’t rush things.

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