Promo Video for May’n upcoming DVD May’n☆ACT


6 thoughts on “Totsugeki Love Heart: Yoshiki Fukuyama and May’n

  1. It looks like May’n is still going to ride on the wave generated by Macross Frontier. While I do like the songs from Macross Frontier, her other songs feel kind of lacking…

    I hate to admit it, but her May’n Street mini-album itself didn’t sound that impressive at all. In comparison between that and the songs from Megumi Nakajima’s Tenshi ni Naritai and Nostalgia singles, I’m leaning more towards Megumi in terms of their post-MF careers.

      1. Yeah, both of them have been giving lackluster performances after MF…But I just can’t seem to find any tune at all to follow in May’n Street while Megumi’s singles have at least one or two songs that I like. ((Oh goodness, “Be Myself” is almost as addicting as Seikan Hikou))

        Best of luck to May’n for the Shangri-la OP…I hope she does well, because I’ll be watching the series every week. XD;;

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