Joe Hisaishi: Greatest Hits

March 29, 2009

Joe Hisaishi’s music was often featured in Ghibli films, but he also composed music for many live-action movies. This is a selection of some of his best soundtracks.

“The Legend of the Wind” is one of my favorite of his compositions🙂

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  1. I am such BIG fan of Joe Hisaishi – it’s not funny!! It was his Ghibli pieces that first attracted me but then it’s since extended to movie soundtracks and other works. Once I see his name, my eyes literally light up!! haha One of my favourites but less well known pieces is Two of Us ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaAtkDCPbeM ). He had a Ghibli anniversary concert last year in Tokyo. If I had known about it earlier I would have definitely arranged a trip!! Imagine listening to his works LIVE!

    • I also love his music🙂

      eyes literally light up

      haha That great🙂

      I don’t have access to audio right now, but I’ll check out that song later🙂

      Oh yes! The concert was wonderful!😀 If you follow the link at the bottom of the post you can see an excerpt and the rest of it if you follow the video🙂 Even Miyazaki was there. It would have been a great experience to attend that concert🙂

      • hehe I got a copy of the concert!! Looks like Joe Hisaishi has a concert generally every year with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. I’m definitely keeping my eyes out!!

        • I am glad you saw that concert🙂

          Oh, annual concerts you say? Thank you for mentioning it🙂 I’ll keep that in mind and post when I know the dates🙂

    • Yay! I got a chance to hear that track! I enjoyed it very much – thank you for mentioning it😀

  2. I’m a fan of Hisaishi as well. Who can forget Totoro’s theme which started it all for me. But my favourite until now is still Nausicaa’s theme. Epic win. I have some of his soundtrack collections and his piano stories series, something I listen to time and again.

    Speaking of composers, I finally got round to listen to A.R Rahman’s soundtrack contribution to Slumdog Millionaire. Ah…Bollywood music. I’ve mixed reactions towards the OST. Let’s just say it isn’t as inspiring as I thought it would be. I think I better go off and listen to S.E.N.S music😛

    • Oh yes, Totoro’s theme is great🙂

      I am glad that you also like Nausicaa’s theme🙂

      Well, speaking of Bollywood music, I liked Kuroshitsuji music with Indian flavor🙂

      Yes, SENS music is very nice – can be relaxing and emotional🙂

  3. S.E.N.S. are fabulous. Hirashii is gorgeous…all of his Ghibli themes are so inspiring! My special love is though Howl’s Moving Castle’s theme. So romantic! Now hearing to ‘the two of us’. Beautiful…
    I’ll search more of him. I especially liked the one song with a samurai on the poster yielding a sword, but all were in japanese. Is this the legend of the wind?

    • Yes, it is very easy to misspell his name😛 I really like his music🙂

      The music in the second video is from Nausicaa🙂

      I am not sure what samurai you are referring to because the first video is blocked in the US now, but it might be from Mibugishiden or Princess Mononoke.

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