My favorite thing about Genji Monogatari Sennenki anime was music. This is a list of tracks on the OST with my favorite compositions highlighted in red. You can listen to samples for 01, 03, and 18 🙂


01. 高雅
02. 憂愁
03. ひたむきな想い
04. 春爛漫
05. 霧雨
06. 情念
07. 朝明
08. 懸想
09. 馴染み
10. 若葉
11. 陽転
12. 童子
13. 優美
14. 白日夢
15. 少女
16. 暗転
17. 葛藤
18. 孤影
19. 恋慕
20. ときの移ろい
21. 述懐
22. 安閑
23. 雅男
24. 至幸
25. 出逢い
26. 愛執
27. 冬景色

For a complete review and more samples read Ayumikat’s post 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Genji Monogatari Sennenki OST by SENS

  1. LOL Your recent posts have been attracting my attention! Not only am I crazy about Joe Hisaishi but the came can be said to S.E.N.S! haha I’ve got a good couple of their CDs – the most recent one would be the four part series. I’m checking the tracks out now…sounds good!!!

  2. Genji’s OST is a winner with me. Every track tells a different story and yes, you’ll find short re-interpretations of the main theme but the way they are arranged, they convey totally different meanings. Track 26 ‘affection’ is inching its way to become my favourite piece from the album.

    1. Indeed, ,many tracks are variations on the main theme, yet they all tell a different story.

      I also like track 26 🙂 It sounds very similar to 18, but features all stings, affecting me even more 🙂

  3. Nooooo!! My laptop is at repairs so ican’t check out the music! Funny…I was actually d/l the music when it broke down. I even tried to check it out at work but they’ve banned imeem. 😦 I will check it out once my laptop is fixed!! In the meantime I have to rely on my touch… *sigh*

    1. Oh no! 😦 Well, it broke because it was overwhelmed by the beauty of that music 🙂 I hope your laptop will be fixed soon 🙂

      You work is too evil for banning imeem. Taking breaks from work makes people more productive! 🙂

  4. Hahaha Trying telling that to our IT desk!! They also ban all video sites, gmail etc. =( Well I’m at a cafe now and listening to Genji OST!!! It is GOOD! I’m thinking of buying the OST! Aaargh…haha

  5. hello! i have a request. where i can find the song played in ep 5 at that traditional instrument by the princess..or what it is the name? Thank you

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